2015 = GROWTH


Man, has life changed. And here it is mid January 2015 and I have finally come up with my new years resolution for the year. GROW. Most years I come up with a very long list of things that I want to achieve or do. I have one for the farm and then one for me personally.  Thank you to my little one life is about to get simpler.

This year I have one word for myself which is GROW. I am taking this on as a personal goal for the year. The farm list will have to wait until Roy gets back so we can nut a few things out. So it is time for me first. Many of you know that once a small person or persons come into your life that suddenly things revolve around them. Their sleep patterns and eating times. Putting me first is happening this year.

2015 a year to grow and expand my roots in my home life with my family. Grow and nurture my little lady, grow to be a better wife for my husband, grow veggies for my happy customers, grow a pig for the freezer (which we will need to buy), grow a community of gardening enthusiasts, grow new friends, grow healthier, grow simplicity and lastly grow wisdom.

Kicking off the growth spurt of January is some fab photos of me for the blog by Bonnie Jenkins a local photographer. These soon will be plastered all over the internet and also check out my ABOUT page to see some more pictures.

Part two of growing is the farm. It looks like it needs a website of its own, which is coming but very slowly. Some really fun things coming up this year = Workshops + Lunches & Internships.

What are you growing this year?

WEB_16_BJ-6764 WEB_124_BJ-7048-2 WEB_92_BJ-6948Photos of me taken by Bonnie Jenkins


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  1. Such fantastic photos!! 🙂 I absolutely love them. 🙂 Your word for the year is wonderful. Mine is Try. Just try. It’s giving me such courage to tackle anything. 🙂

  2. What beautiful photographs Liz Bonnie has done you justice. You look contented and stunning. I like your new year goal GROW is a wonderful prospect for your personal and farm lives. Very appropriate.

  3. These photos are beautiful! What a great word for the year. I’m not thinking so much about growing this year, but I did choose a word. CALM. After the crazy of 2014, calm is exactly what I need.