A Chinese Wedding, Chengdu, China Thumbnail

A Chinese Wedding, Chengdu, China

The Chinese sure do know how to put on a wedding. At the start of this month (December) installment No.2 of Paul and Suesues weddings, a traditional Chinese wedding took place. With the opportunity to get back to China, I had to go. Unfortunately Roy who was supposed to be best man did not get READ MORE

Sightseeing for 7 days in Chengdu, China Thumbnail

Sightseeing for 7 days in Chengdu, China

In early December I flew to Chengdu in China for a wedding. With seven days up my sleeve I wanted to see anything that I missed out on last time while in China. This time around staying in Chengdu for a week, I learnt to catch the buses with ease, ride a bicycle through the streets and READ MORE

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Feast, Malaysia Thumbnail

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Feast, Malaysia

I  was excited to be flying into Malaysia.  I have only spent a few hours in Kuala Lumpur before and was definitely looking forward to spending a little more time exploring what the city had to offer. If you are not into food so much Kuala Lumpur may not be much of a destination, but READ MORE

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Panda Breeding & Research Center, China

What is Szechuan known for? Food you say, well yes its is known for food and this is a food blog so normally you would be on the right track. But this time we had other things on our mind. Pandas. Just outside of Chengdu is a Panda Research and Breeding Base.  We got to READ MORE

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Sanxingdui Museum, China

Sanxingdui (Three-Star Mounds) Museum lives about 40km out of Chengdu, so into a taxi, on to a bus and then on another bus. At the final bus station nobody had any idea where we had to catch the local bus. The local kids didn't mind, they we very eagerly trying to sell us Chinese language newspapers, even though we obviously didn't speak the language READ MORE

Leshan Giant Buddha, China Thumbnail

Leshan Giant Buddha, China

Sunday is never the best day to visit a big tourist attraction in China, but were running out of time. So entering the sweltering heat we set off to brave the out of control weekend tourist crowds to see the enlightened one himself. First we went for a quick walk around the head and then went for a bit READ MORE

Kanding to Chengdu, China Thumbnail

Kanding to Chengdu, China

The final leg of of Chinese adventure was before us. The only thing I wanted was a paved road. Oh, and some breakfast! I dont know if we have managed to express how much we love breakfast in this country, even with not being able to find any good coffee. This time we were back READ MORE

Wading Through Water To Eat Duck In Chengdu, China Thumbnail

Wading Through Water To Eat Duck In Chengdu, China

We were lucky enough to witness some major rain in Chengdu.  It flash flooded the city, which seemed to surprise not only us but the locals.  After our hostel blacked out and the rain had stopped, it was time to leave for a dinner mission.  Once we had left the building we were in search of READ MORE