WAGAYA Japanese Restaurant, Fortitude Valley Thumbnail

WAGAYA Japanese Restaurant, Fortitude Valley

An izakaya is a type of drinking hole, which serves food late into the night.  Drinking and eating is a good thing. After talking with a friend how fantastic highballs are in Japan, I was craving a visit to an izakaya. She recommended this new place in the valley, it was not your traditional small joint READ MORE

Osaka & Goodbye Japan Thumbnail

Osaka & Goodbye Japan

One day in Osaka, what to do? We were at the port already, so the aquarium sounds good. Oh and good it was. There were seals, otters, dolphins.... And some thing called a Royfish (I think). As well as a whale shark hiding in there somewhere. What next? Why not a ride on the feris wheel. Sure READ MORE

Kyoto Shrines & Eel, Japan Thumbnail

Kyoto Shrines & Eel, Japan

Oh no! We ran out of time! Well at least we still had a day for Kyoto and half a day for Osaka before we board our boat and head out on the ocean. So what do you see in Kyoto when you only have one day? Well first of we will need to rephrase that statement READ MORE

Daytripping to Nara, Japan Thumbnail

Daytripping to Nara, Japan

We awoke to the impossible, sunshine! So to make the most of our fortune we moved our scheduled trip to Nara forward to immediately. For those of you not in the Japanese know, Nara is Japans ancient capital and home to many temples, shrines and deer. So after an hour on the train from Kyoto what do you think was READ MORE

Kanazawa to Kyoto and Curry, Japan Thumbnail

Kanazawa to Kyoto and Curry, Japan

From Shirakawago we headed out through the rain, we were in a bus so it wasn't that bad, to Kanazawa. Everybody we talked to along our way only had good things to say about their experiences in Kanazawa. But they weren't there during a typhoon! We arrived at the impressively gated train station, found our hotel, dumped our bags and braved sideways rain READ MORE

Gassho-Zukuri Hotel in Shirakawago, Japan Thumbnail

Gassho-Zukuri Hotel in Shirakawago, Japan

To finish up our classy accommodation splurge through Japan we thought we would take it to the next level. This means staying in a 200 year old traditional grass roofed house that has been converted to a ryokan. To do this you have to visit the cultural village of Shirakawago. This village is where a great number of traditional grass READ MORE

Kamikochi & Takayama Izakaya, Japan

Where we travel the rain seems to follow. Not on our idle days, on the days we get out into the wild. So after a nice clear day travelling up to Takayama inside the train, we awoke to rain and low cloud on the day we were to go hiking the Japanese Alps. But time READ MORE

Takayama Ryokan Food, Japan

Staying in a Traditional Japanese Inns, or Ryokan, is not the cheapest way to travel in what is already a relatively expensive country. Don't get me wrong on this, its a hell of a lot cheaper than Australia and probably most European countries. But sometimes you need to spend a bit of cash to see what all READ MORE