Back to Australia, the things you miss

Within our first hour back on familiar soil we stopped on the way from the airport at a tradies haven,  The Yatala Pie Shop, for Roy to fulfill his craving of a meat pie with mushy peas. What Australian dish would you miss the most when you couldn’t eat it for four months?

All I wanted to do was get my ass in to a kitchen, any kitchen.  My sister Amy happily accommodated us for a few nights of my constant cooking of lunch and dinner. Roy and I have been slowly ticking things off our list of things we want to eat again.

Roy is currently in PNG working hard at his new job. Three weeks on and two weeks off, he flew out on Thursday last week.  I have been on the house hunt and job research mission.  I have been very successful, with a house in Maleny to move into and a job awaiting me once I am settled.  All systems go.

The last two pictures (above) are taken on the way to Kingaroy on a road that Amy and I had never been on before.  We were following a storm, with the road running along side the Brisbane river.  It was stunning, will definitely be doing that again.

Amy and I had decided to go and visit our grandparents, with both of being back in the country.  We stopped over to have lunch and a chat, get some recipes and Amy even planted a shrub.  Below a picture of Pop telling me a story at the kitchen table.

At the moment all around south east Queensland it is back-burning time.  With a few extra hands at Mum and Dad’s we manged to get a small amount of it down, mind you there is still about 50acres to do.  I am going back in a couple of days to lend a hand.

My Mum above ready for the fire as it came closer with the water gun.  Got to have fun when working, hey.

When I was in Malenylast week, I had the opportunity to attend my first CWA meeting.  One of the ladies (Sue) below was cleaning off the CWA chair for the birthday celebrations.  I have already been recruited to help out with some of the catering that is coming up this month, its going to be fun.

All and all, I have recovered from my culture shock of this country.  We do have lots of space, we do have lots of rules to follow, yes everything is expensive, but the people are friendly and speak english.  Did we miss Australia, YES it seems so.  But once you have the travel bug it never goes away.  I am now planning a trip back to China and in to Mongolia for next year.

For those who we have not caught up with yet, we are still coming.  In two weeks time we will be settled, the car will be fixed and both Roy and I will be here. See you soon.

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  1. MMmagnificent pic’s! .. nice strayed upDate. I loveit neighbour 🙂 from witta !

  2. Good to see you guys back safe! love the shot of the back burn! surprised to hear you moving to Maleny not Brisbane- country life hey? keep us posted on your new job! big Love x x x