Bacon in the Rolling Hills of Tasmania

After a load of driving and a quick wander around Cradle Mountain we found ourselves in some of the nicest countryside we had ever encountered on the way down towards Burnie.As the Walls of Jerusalem national park retreated behind us we needed a place to set up camp.

The campground we stayed in was a beautiful community run affair. The only down side was the apparent trailer trash living in a tent in the middle of the park. But these folks disappeared when we arrived and never returned (scary vans may be a good thing after all).

But we did have one important thing: Fire!

Firstly cooking up the bacon. It was at this time i began to suspect the inherent cheapness of our camper supplied knife. It took me about half an hour to cut this stuff up.

Needless to say that it was some amazing pig skin, burnt to crunchy perfection. The bacon was also meaty and sweet. Better than that crap stuff you find at the supermarket anyway. If i had a bigger fridge at home i would be making this stuff pretty quickly.

Cherry tomatoes, spinach,broccoli, carrot, salt, pepper and butter. Pretty simple, pretty good.After this camping experience we were to the point where we really needed to do a good load of washing. The wood for the fire was a little green, resulting in lots of smoke to stick to and odour or clothes and personage for the next couple of days.All in all a good time was had by all, especially Roy the Pyromaniac.

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