BBQ Pork and Wonton Noodle Soup, Bangkok, Thailand

With street vendors on busy corners, luring us in with wafting smells of pots of stock boiling away. We found a place that was just a 3 minute walk from where we stayed in Silom, Bangkok.  Convent St, turned out to be our breakfast, lunch and dinner options most days. Lucky for us we discovered this treasure on our first day here.

Barbeque pork wonton soup is a great way to kick-start your day when sightseeing.  Mind you they start operating about 10am, so it was important to have a sleep in, before heading out.

Fresh egg noodles and wontons placed in the bottom of the bowl, after being blanched for a minute.  Greens placed on the top, along with a few slices of barbeque pork, shallots and fried onions sprinkled over the top.  Finally the pork and chicken stock was poured over the top and then the steaming bowls were hurried to our table.

It was then left up to us what to do next, a choice of condiments on the table to spoon out the appropriate flavours that pleased us. Creating our own unique bowl of soup, I preferred to leave it simple and add a little of the vinegared chilli juice.  While I started slurping at my noodles, Roy was conducting a science experiment to create just the right flavour.

What is your sweet, sour, salty, bitter ratio?


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