Best Sausages Ever

And not just because i made them!

Ok, its been slow comming, but lets go back to Tasmania for a bit. Sure why not.

In Wynyard awaiting the tulip festival to kick off, we cooked up the second lot of sausages we made back in New Norfolk.

Can you spot the camper belonging to the under 30s?

This time we decided to keep it simple to allow the sausages a chance to shine on their own.

Did they? Im sure you guessed it, they did.

They did seem to want to explode, that was one damn hot BBQ. If only the park at the end of our steet in Brisbane had half this heat.Fennel and Mace is a great combination with the fatty pork. If i had the equipment i would be making these at home all the time. Well at least any time a good old time BBQ was called.

Wynyard itself seemed to be a retirment town. Which aint a bad thing, specially if you want big $5.50 plates of meat and three veg.

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