Best Steak Ever! Cordoba, Argentina

From Salta we got on a (not so) nice 24hr bus ride to Iguazu to see a bit of water fall off a cliff. And we saw a toucan.

Then on another 16hr ride to cordoba, ahh i think argentina is gonna be some sort of big long bus ride. And we were stopping in Cordoba just to have a break before the next overnight bus ride.

Cordoba aint a pretty town, but the novelty of having supermarkets aint worn off yet.

We did find one thing of note. The best steak ever. This wasnt our first or last attempt at parrillada in argentina, but it sure sets the standard for everything else to come.

Nice and thick with just a bit of salt over coals. Simple you say? Yes but this was amazing. Juciey, tender, flavoursome, ect and ect. Also it comes on a chopping board! Let as hack and enjoy.

Australians are apparently famous for BBQ. But now i realise they have no idea what they are doing. As an english friend of mine says, when Australians BBQ, really they just fry outside.

And back on the bus.

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  1. Shit yeah. Funnily enough I was taking to someone on my way to work today about how Argentinians kick Australian arses in the BBQ stakes. I once went to some park picnic on Australia Day a couple of years ago, a bunch of Argentinians arrived with a 44-gallon drum cut in half with a grille on the inside, they filled it with embers and cooked these massive beef ribs that were kinda half-BBQ, half smoked, and they were simply amazing. Not to overly discredit the typical Australian BBQ, but compared to what I tried that day there’s still a long way to go with our BBQ style.

    Also, the Portuguese (or at least the Portos in Dulwich Hill, NSW…) have this great thing they do with skewered cubes of steak, they salt them up and cook it over the hot coals, then serve hanging vertically. It’s hypnotic.

    We had hamburgers for dinner last night.