Breakfast and A Cuppa, Hua Hin, Thailand

After spending a week on the islands relaxing in Thailand, it was time to hit the main land again.  Our first stop was Hua Hin which is along the coast between Bangkok and Mueang Chumphon (inland from the infamous Koh Phangan).  A sleepy town with many markets.  On our first day we went to the morning market which is off the street where the night market is held.  Out the front was a stand with char siew, roast pork and roast duck hanging in their window.  With people lining up waiting to be served, we knew it was going to be good.

As they chopped up the meat to be put over rice,  I could not help staring at the process and I think I was drooling.  Roast meat within grabbing distance and my belly grumbling what was I suppose to do?  Just look at the duck below. mmmmm

Once you have selected your choice of meat they lay it over the rice with a few pieces of cucumber, special homemade sweet sauce and topped with coriander.  YUM.  Now if you want to order this dish (below) which is the roast pork, it is called cow moo glob. If you go early in the morning when they have just opened, you will also get pork sausage and char siew on your plate.  So get in early to sample that too.

The couple who work the stall have had many write-ups in tourism Thailand publications, local newspapers and now on a food blog.  They are doing something right. Delicious food for only a dollar.

Next door was a lady selling soup, which of course we also had to try, Roy had this dish with pork balls in broth and rice noodles.  A staple in Thailand for breakfast, simple flavours but always the broth is what pulls it together.  Don’t forget on your table there is always sugar, chili, vinegar and soy to help flavour your soup.

After the morning market we stumbled across this place on the main road, turn left at the entrance where the night market would be and walk 200 meters.  This cozy little coffee and tea shop was waiting for us.  The father and daughter team running the place are really friendly.  Sitting down with the locals, no one talking any english we managed to get Roy a cup of coffee and me a pot of green tea.  The tea pot the father has had since he was young.

This man watched over me as I sipped the green tea from his tea pot.  Laughing at us for trying to talk and not understanding with our arms waving around.  I did learn that “D” means good in Thai.

Sneak peak into the kitchen and at the back in the blur their home. The kitchen had a large pot of water on the boil for tea and coffee, cups, silver tins and tubs.  It was like stepping back in time to a vintage style kitchen.  It felt homely for me.

The best thing I saw was the condensed milk, if only Roy had of known he would of got some in his coffee.  The tin was just plonked on the bench next to these two intricate tins that were used for storing the coffee and tea.  One of the best breakfasts in Thailand.  Simple and yummy along with a good pot of tea, how could you go wrong?


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