Breakfast in Pittsburgh

Sometimes breakfast is a bit of a big deal. In Australia to go out on a Saturday morning to get plate of food can get damn right expensive.

So whilst in Pittsburgh recently i was very interested to see what the American version was going to bring.

We headed down the road to a place called Bob Evens. This is not a chain I’ve ever heard of, but that in itself isn’t particularly surprising. It is just what you would call an American diner, kind of like Applebees ect.

The place was packed, and i had to wait around 10 minutes to get a table. Which is probably about par with Australia so far.

When i got a table and looked at the menu the first major difference was the price. Much much cheaper than Australia.

So i got the first thing on the menu. After answering 50 questions about what i thought was a simple meal, hash or home-fries? toast, muffins or biscuits?…. i got some food.

First up i have to say i love american coffee. I used to go to Mc Donalds just to get some filter coffee, which incadentally they dont serve in Australia anymore. And when you run out they just poor you some more. Win.

The meal was also pretty good. The hash was surprising not greasy at all, the bacon was real crispy (another american thing) which was awesome, and the eggs were eggs. The biscuits (which are kind off like scones back home, but not) were a little grassy, but still good.

The vibe was unfussy and relaxed, though i do find American wait staff generally overbearing (yes everything is fine for the tenth time, if i have a problem i will let you know). If there was even just a place that did coffee like this and kept pouring it into you cup around home, we would be there quite often.

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