Brisbane Ekka, 2012

Every year the farmers know when the Brisbane Ekka is happening due to the cold south westerlies that sweep across the land. Most city dwellers call the Ekka home to the flu. Me, well I have never been to the Ekka, so can’t stake a claim about it – until now.

After living in Brisbane for 10 years, you would have thought that I had a least been once to the Ekka, right? Afraid not. Now that we live on the Sunshine Coast, the Ekka just seemed appealing with cows, chickens, plants, cake decoration’s, fruit and vegetables. After visiting the Maleny Show and Nambour Show, maybe I am getting a little bit country. I sussed them all out, which show is best and which one’s I will be visiting again next year.

We walked in the gate where all the rides were, with some new and some old favourites. With prizes to be won like stuffed elmo, spongebob or a big cuddley bear.

We walked past the dodgems, and spotted these two boys having the best time, smashing into the other drivers cars. Put a smile on my face, reminded me that Brisbane is still a big country town.

After walking past the scary ride section, we arrived at the dairy shed. Looking at goats and fat milking cows. Each farmer has their own little kitchenette, at the end of the row. I took a little peek inside one to see a fridge, sink and a little bench space. Outside was shelving for all other items. Like these shoes below.

Maybe I like cows, they are pretty and they taste yummy. We watched the finalists of the beef stud walk by us, as they announced the winners. I now want to fence apart of our yard for a couple of cows, just to help mow the lawn.

Two lambs jumping around, while mum-ma sheep keeps them together. Cute.

Roy is a man about machinery, this engine behind him is really small. The one’s he works on are ‘this big’, ten times as big. We had to stop by to get a photo, we were not the only ones who found this bit of machinery interesting.

I have a small confession to make. Yep, I like decorated cakes. Especially the ones shaped like chickens. Or the one above on the right that looks like a log, rocks and leaves.

The cheapest thing I found at the show for a quick bite was a cheese toastie at the Coon stand. Only $2, it was pretty damn good.

You can sign up to grow the largest pumpkin, I was glad to see this competition. It is similar to the largest vegetable competition they use to have at the Gympie Show.

Before we left, we had to find the foot long dagwood-dog, to satisfy Roy. We saw many other people carting around these huge sausages on sticks, just to tease Roy.

What is your favorite ride or food at your local show? What do you like to look at while you are there?

For more information about the Ekka visit their Website.

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  1. I have never ben to Ekka either. I love a day at a country show that (if BNE is country!) I also find the food to be outrageously expensive at these events and so you did really well with the Coon toastie. I used to eat Dagwood Dogs but none that size. I’m not sure now if I could even eat a small one – I don’t think I could get past wondering what was in it! xx

  2. I want to kidnap those lambs and cuddle them forever.

  3. I’ve been to Ekka almost every year I’ve lived in Brisbane, but I might have to forgo this year if this blasted cold doesn’t go away. It looks like you guys had lots of fun! Dagwood dogs at the show are the best!

  4. I’ve never been to Ekka but it looks like so much fun 😀

  5. That chicken cake is hilarous!! I love going to the show to check out all of the amazing cakes. There is some serious talent amongst those people.

  6. I love your photos of the Ekka! Hehe I love decorated cakes and yes chicken ones are great too! 😀

  7. The lambs are too cute! I love going to the fair. So fun!