Burringbar Rainforest Nursery

Burringbar Rainforest Nursery is four kilometers from the township of Burringbar. A large range of plants: rainforest trees, shrubs & understorey plants, palms, cycads and ferns, eucalypts, wattles, grevilleas, callistemons, westringias, banksias, grasses & sedges. For more contact detail about the nursery view the end of the post.

This month Hathwaite Farm will be hosting our very first tree planting. Our goal is to plant the southern fence line to shelter us from the cool southerly winds and to stop erosion. The first planting will be 200 native rainforest trees, which should make a dint in the first 100 meters that needs our love.

We visiting Roy’s folks last month in Burringbar for a family celebration (will post about that in the next week). While we cruising around Burringbar we visited our friends nursery for the first time. I did not even know where it was, just heard about for the past few years.

With Roy’s folks being plant guru’s we were sent here to buy our trees for the planting. The nursery is run by two local brothers Matt & Dave.

ABOVE: Roy talking to Matt, about the trees we need, with our moral support from the Moult Crew. (Lily, Dick & June)

Matt (Below), was handpicking the trees, six at a time to fill the trays for us to take home. With no names on the pots, these tube stock were foreign to all of us. Asking continuously is this a good one? While Matt darts around, hand choosing plants that would encourage birds, butterflies, shade, dense foliage and fruit.

I was glad to hear that we would get some davidson plums and tamarinds. I can’t wait to make jam, they are not in the ground yet, but the possibility is there.

ABOVE: Listening to Matt as we hear about plant possibilities

BELOW: Bleeding hearts – fast growers that provide shelter for the other plants as they grow to over take it.

ABOVE: Lily helping gather plants.

BELOW: Bonsai, what nursery doesn’t have one of these?

The seedling shed.

The plant name tags, on two sets of shelves.

From little things big things grow. Re-potting a seedling it to a tube. Which will one day then be re-potted into a bigger pot, then bought by one us to take home to plant into the ground.


Upper Burringbar Road, Burringbar, NSW, 2483
Opening Hours: Mon- Sat 10am – 4pm.
Phone: 02 6677 1088
Email: brnursery1@optusnet.com.au


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  1. 200 trees will only make a dent? Wow!!

    • Yep, a small dint in a 300 meter fence line, we want to plant out. We are planting 5 rows, so not sure how far it will get us. I reckon we will be lucky to make it to the 100 meter mark. Thanks for stopping by

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