Bushwalk at Cunninghams Gap

I love getting out of the city.  Being outside and enjoying the simple stuff is really easy to do.  We piled some mates into the back of the Val and headed off to Cunningham’s Gap. With the car packed with our mates, some snacks and some hearty discussions. The drive to Cunningham’s gap via Ipswich on the way to Warwick, took a couple of hours. Once we arrived we chose which walk to do as there were a few to choose from. We decided on the Bare Rock walk which lead you out to a great lookout. It took us 3 1/2 hours to do the walk return with a little morning tea at the lookout.

Juna and Mel soaking up the outdoors.  Juna had to disobey a sign and found himself in a narrow walk way, which was just hugging the side of the mountain.

Juna and Verena, living it large at the first lookout of the day, pretty happy we made it somewhere after the slow and gradual climb.  But we were not done yet.  With 2 more kilometers to go to the look out we were heading for.

The view from the first look out

The plant below, we could not figure out what it was, if anyone knows can you let me know, I wish we could see how the flowers end up.

At last the final destination.  With rain threatening our precious sitting time.  We enjoyed apples, mandarins, oranges, pears and avocado with crackers.  What a feast.  We are sitting there waiting to go and get a steak from the pub for lunch.

The pub was closed for lunch.  But we stopped at a small cafe, for a burger and chips.  Not to bad.  Cant wait to go on another outdoor adventure.  I think we are going back to do another walk from this national park.  Its only 2 hours from Brisbane.

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