Cantina for breakfast in West End

Breakfast time is one of my favourite things.  Waking up and going to find something deliciious to eat brings stars to my eyes.  Cantina on the top of Hardgrave Rd in West End, is about a 2min drive or 5min bike ride away from our house.  The menu hasn’t changed, prices slowly going up.  Not sure who to blame for that.  Otherwise its our treasure.

Breakfast out with Roy, my Sis and her boyfriend.  A quick catch up before Saturday markets need to be attended or the weekly trip to bunnings happens.  You can get a seat here, I think its best outside.  No waiting and not long before the food comes either.  I love good service.  However the staff have all become a little bit less Australian, not being able to comunicate with us with ease.  I don’t mind foreigners taking my order, but I was used to the slap happy ozzie hungover on a Saturday morning serving us with smile with a joke about the night before.  Which we could all put in our 2 cents worth.  I miss that.  As most of the time we go there  its because we are hungover.

Breakfast, I finally steered away from always having the mushrooms.  I got an omelet, a denver one.  Ham and cheese.  I asked for tomoatoes in it, but got them next to it.  In the end i did not mind, its just the ham is so strong and the tomatoes help to break down the ham cheese moment that get stuck in your mouth.  The parsely on the side of the plate is always something to look forward too.  Chewing on that once finishing your meal.  It was still good.  The bread here is my favourite bread anywhere.

Below is Roy’s standard the huevos rancheros.  Simple fry up with amazing black beans and chili salsa with a totilla.  Always so good, fresh and rewarding.  The only think Roy doesn’t like about Cantina is the lack of  Coffee skills they have.  But he does drink a long black with a dash of cold milk.  Not many places can make a decent long black.  He does say they have amazing iced coffees.

Amy’s Breakfast, my old faithful.  I love mushrooms.  When i first started going to cantina a million years ago it seems, they use to have flat mushrooms not just the button ones.  Which I love,   well i love all mushrooms, but sometimes its time for a change.  Well Amy was happy with her breakfast she did get through it all in the end.

Overall we all agreed on the fact that the bread here is just amazing.  We think they make it on the premises.  The coffee not to crash hot.  Service is fine, with no wait for the food.  We will be going back again soon for a delicious bread fix.

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