Change Table & Wash Area : 6 Weeks to Go


Yes I may look like a hippopotamus but I am not, I just have 6 weeks to go that is all. Roy has been home these past two weeks and I swear that baby has decided that it was time to grow again, just to show off. I am finally feeling like their is no room left in my stomach for anything else now. It’s a tight fit but bub is still wiggling like it has loads of room to move. With only six weeks left to go now , I thought I should get my ass into gear and get everything we need ready for bub to come home. So last weekend we visited my folks and picked up all the baby stuff from their place. A cot, sheets, towels, nappies and some extra cute outfits. Im lucky my mum kept all this stuff, these things do add up if we were buying them new.

I have decided to show you the cot in a couple of weeks, as it needs a few little adjustments to it. I am super pleased with it, should get us through this year before bub is too big. The cot or bassinet which ever you would like to call it was from when my mum was a bub, so it is from the 1960’s. Its very cool, it folds down small and even has a tea-tree mattress. Once again I will show it off in a couple of weeks.

Change tables are very important when introducing a new little bub into the house. Everyone says you should have one and that they can’t live with out them. Well in our humble abode (shed of 42sqm) I have opted for the classy washing machine as our change table. Our bathroom/laundry will be the place for changing nappies, washing the nappies and storing the nappies. Just to describe to you what my intensions are, I am all about any feedback if anyone whats to make some suggestions please do. Mind you I am sure it may change as we all learn about each other when the time comes.

Ok – sink will be for where the rectangle bucket will go for washing the bub, when needed. Baby’s toiletries will go up on the shelf behind the mirror on the left. While on the right-hand shelf will be all the nappies nicely folded along with all the bits you may need for changing a nappy. I am waiting on some of my nappies to arrive in the post which will be later this week to show you the complete version. For now you will just have to use your imagination. On top of the washing machine I have some old nappies that were worn by my sister and I with a few holes in them which will be perfect for covering the top of the washing machine. This way I have a flat clean surface to work on and hopefully everything will be in arms reach distance. Just like my kitchen. I am yet to get a tub for the nappies to go in once dirty but otherwise I think we are all set to go. Baby washing and changing table ready – Check. šŸ™‚


Roy and I at my folks place. I thought we had better get a photo of us together before we became three. Look how swollen my feet are!




  1. Looks like you guys are all organised! Love your simplified version!

  2. Looking good Liz! It starts to feel like there’s no room left doesn’t it?! I can’t believe my little guy ever fit in there. The good news is you will get your ankles back! Looks like you’re nearly all set. Not long now!

  3. Hi, It looks like you are getting pretty organised.
    My mum never used a change table and used to bath us in the baby bath on the kitchen table. She just used to use a foldable thin waterproof mat under us. The rest of the times changing was required it was usually on the floor or bed, whichever was closer of more convenient. She may have used a thicker foam change mat on top of a chest of draws near the cot when we were very little but I know from helping out with younger siblings the floor was most used especially after the first couple of months.When we got the bit too big for the baby bath it was into the big bath or sometimes the laundry tub.

  4. You absolutely do not look like a hippo…you look beautiful! Love the shot of the two of you šŸ™‚ What a great pic before baby arrives. So cool that you get a cot from when your mom was a baby! I bet it feels like scrambling in these last few weeks but I know you’ll be ready in time! I have a feeling I’ll be procrastinating too…I already feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done before baby comes.

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