Chris Klaas Food Styling Photography Workshop

On Saturday I attended my first food styling photography workshop. My food photography is not up to the best standard – I have plenty of room for improvement. Though, I am really pleased with the images that I produced on Saturday – totally Pintrest worthy! The workshop was on the Sunshine Coast hosted by Chris Klaas. Chris use to work as a chef and his passion for food comes through his photos, he is now working as professional photographer.

The class covered props, texture, lighting and food placement. We all took home a few tips and tricks about our cameras, styling and a couple of post-production tricks. It was a great day full of hands on activities and I met some really fantastic people, along with catching up with Maureen from Orgasmic Chef. I look forward to attending the next class.

Next year Chris will be putting together a few more classes for food photography. For now follow him on Facebook to keep up to date with the next workshops and check out his photography website.

Tell me what you think – Are my images ready for a magazine cover anytime soon. Which one is your favourite?

Maureen from Orgasmic Chef

Chris doing a demo about styling the food.

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  1. Good job Lizzie! I love the first photo – radish looks so fresh and vibrant. Shame I didn’t know about the workshop, would love to attend.

  2. Fabulous photos! It looks like a fun class!

  3. I love the radishes photo! I would love to do a course like this!

  4. Love the radish shot Lizzie. Looked like an informative workshop, I look forward to hearing about the next one. A great place to also connect with like minded people.

  5. Wow what a great workshop. I like the first beans tied up thats nice. Did you put the circular darkener on the corners of the radishes?

    • Thanks. Yes I applied a vignette to the corners through lightroom. You can also do it through photoshop. I like the affect created by them, making the focus point stronger.