Competition: Win a Copy of Wholehearted Food by Brenda Fawdon

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It feels like years ago when I lived in Brisbane. West End was my home for over six years. Inner city living really worked for me, I had a push bike, there were loads of cafes, restaurants and bars to find work in for a girl who survived on the hospitality trade. We lived close to Hardgrave Road and I also worked at one of the restaurants up there for a while, however I always wanted to work at Mondo Organics. The place looked fantastic but they had a solid team of staff and my timing was never right. Anyways moving on, Mondo’s became a real talking point a place to take out a friend for a birthday celebration or take a quick relaxed work lunch.

Brenda Fawdon is the legendary chef who founded Australia’s first organic restaurant. Over the course of her career she has operated a very popular cooking school from Mondo’s. This is where she speaks about the love of real food and shares her recipes. Brenda is all about using organic and sustainable produce that is easy to prepare and cook with a high nutritional value.

Needless to say the Wholehearted Food cookbook by Brenda Fawdon is just sumptuous. I am a big believer in growing your own food, choosing ethically farmed meats and poultry and eating nuts, grains and legumes. This book is everything I want in a cookbook, I have the ingredients in my pantry already it provides some fresh inspiration to cook new dishes.  For those of you who want more information about eating wholefoods the book provides a brief overview in each section to help you make choices on your food consumption.


The book covers hearty breakfasts to get you off on a good start to your day along with;  juices, mains, salads and sweets. I have made the chocolate and macadamia brownie from the book to take to a dinner party. Yet there are so many other wonderful recipes I want to try in it like; zucchini feta and lemon fritters, kale and feta tarts, mung bean falafels. For those of you who want to make a healthy choice in the kitchen and eat simply with no processed or refined foods this is the book for you.

The folks of UQ Press are kindly offering one lucky reader of Strayed from the Table a copy of Wholehearted Food by Brenda Fawdon worth $40..

Win a Copy of Wholehearted Food by Brenda Fawdon

One lucky winner will receive a copy of Wholehearted Food by Brenda Fawdon delivered to their mail box. Perfect for kick starting your healthy habits for the new year or if you are like me get them going now. Don’t miss the chance to win this prize, it will keep you inspired in the kitchen.

To Win


– YOU MUST Answer the Comment Question to go in the draw. Start your comment with the words ”Whole Food” and tell me “Your favourite producer/farmer or organic supplier near you”

– Giveaway runs from 3rd November, 2013 (Sunday) until 5pm 10th November (Sunday), 2013. One lucky winner will be picked randomly and announced on the 11th November, 2013.

Good Luck everyone.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of Wholehearted Food from UQ Press. All thoughts about the book are my own and never swayed by receiving something for free.

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  1. Whole Food. My wife has started taking a keen interest in what she eats and where it comes from, and it’s rubbing of on me too. She is a fantastic cook and is always looking to make new foods with vegetarian and organic products. She loves getting her organic supplies from Flannery’s on Annerley Road, Brisbane.

  2. Whole Food. I’m a huge fan of Food Connect in Sydney at the moment. I’ve been getting their weekly organic/chemical free veggie boxes for about 2 years and it has really taught me about seasonal produce and how valuable the staples – carrots, onions, potatoes, broccoli etc really are. Of course, I love to supplement this produce with pickings from my own garden and eggs from my mum’s chookies.

  3. Whole food – what a blessing! My favourite organic farmer in my area (Redlands, Brisbane) is Muriel from Muriel’s farm in Mount Cotton; an INCREDIBLE person! Bee

  4. Wholefoods make my heart sing. I love cooking with whole foods and fresh produce from the local farmers markets. My favourite thing about cooking clean, fresh healthy food is watching my 6 year olds food knowledge grow, and the fact she can feel the difference in her body if she eats something wholesome, compared to something processed and fake. We have been loving making bruschetta using ‘heart breads’ organic sourdough and ‘cooper shoot tomato’s’ lately.

  5. Whole food. my favourite producer is me. i grow our own vegies .

  6. Whole Food. My favourite organic supplier is Vive at Hawthorne … a great range of fresh fruit/veges and all the other ingredients I need to wholesomely feed my family. The staff are always friendly and helpful.

  7. Whole Food is a luxury that we need to treasure – so often we see only the options of what is given by the big chains without seeking a bit further and finding where good food can be sourced. The local community has a Food Swap collective where gardeners and cooks from the area meet and exchange once a month. When that is not an option there is a markets at Shalom College every Sunday where fresh vegetables and fruit can be sourced.

  8. Whole Food is where its at! I love shopping at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market every Friday. My favourite producer is Nudgel Nuts, they have the best Macadamia butter and my kids love it. The gentleman has even cracked our macadamia from home using his machine! I grow lots of organic and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables in the front yard.

  9. Whole Food puts me in a good mood! We left Brisbane a few months ago to move to Broome. I wrote a blog post about what a privelege and luxury it was to have so many choices in Brisbane – Food Connect, organic market stalls, whole foods in bulk bins, fresh organic bread and so much more. I wondered what our options would be in our new, little, very remote town but was also grateful for the fact that we have plenty in this country. I am happy to say that it isn’t all just back to the supermarket (even though it’s not quite Brisbane!) – there’s an organic co-op for fruit and veg (not the low food miles of Food Connect, sadly), some bulk options and some local options when the season is right. I have spied a local growers swap online and I’m keen to express my interest in the ‘Incredible Edible Broome’ initiative that is starting to promote local food. I miss my chickens and my garden but I am looking forward to the day when that is part of our reality again. Thanks for the heads up on this beautiful looking book, Mondo does amazing things. I might have to make a trip there when we head back to Brisbane next week.

  10. Whole Foods…. makes me happy to see my kids eating them. Just ordered some lamb from Box of Lamb in central Vic. They’re my latest great find.

  11. Whole Food. As you know we try to eat only local produce here. We visit the Buy Bellarine Produce Barn once a week to pick up our local fruit and veg. We only eat what’s available there and what we pick from our garden. Our local butcher is also on to us, and will point out locally grown meats for us purchase from him. We are so lucky to have such great local sources. This cookbook looks delicious!

  12. Whole foods are pretty hard to find in the South Burnett! Apart from what we grow ourselves, Bronel natural foods are doing a great job too.

  13. whole food. yum! it’s funny to think that how i was raised, with very little processed food, is now a ‘movement’. what comes around goes around?
    anyway, my favourite local organic people are Kindred Organics. They are in the north of Tasmania, but they were the first peopel in tassie and I believe in Australia to grow quinoa and to grow it (and their other crops) organically. quinoa is a staple in my pantry and in many other people’s now, and it;s amazinfg to think that a tassie couple have been such trailblazers.
    on another note, i’m just starting to get into feta, and the recipes you mention sound perfect, as i grow the kale and dad grows the zuchini!
    thanks for the opportunity, lizzie.

  14. Whole foods, in actual fact I should call it whole food, since my favourite place is the pineapple farm right at the corner of our road. He puts out a crate of pineapples with a sign that says pineapples are 2.00 each – and there is a little tin to put the money in. Firstly I am almost home, and standing in a field of ripening pineapples selecting the perfect one is a great way to unwind. They are the sweetest, most juicy pineapples and as I drive the remaining few hundred yards home the car is filled with the smell of the tropics where I am lucky to live.

  15. Whole food – my favourite farm/producer is mine/me – we have a dairy farm and also run a few beef cattle, rare breed pigs, chickens, geese, ducks and goats – we hope to turn our love of good food into a business in the near future – the only thing we don’t grow that I can’t live without is blueberries and for those I visit Brymac Blueberries at Peachester…..:)

  16. Whole Food. Spicy Gnome Kitchen Garden. organic kitchen garden.

  17. Whole Food. My favourite place for locally available organic and chemical free produce is The Lane in Palmwoods. Followed closely by Kunara MarketPlace (previously known as the Natural Foodstore) on the Sunny Coast.

  18. Our favourite place to get delicious whole food is the big pineapple farmers market.

  19. Whole food is so delicious and good for your body. My son and I like to get our local and organic produce from our local co-op in Maleny. Not only are we getting very fresh organic produce, our money is going straight back to our local community and nourishing the land at the same time. Everyone wins :))

  20. Whole foods. My favourite local producer would be Obi Obi Essentials in Mapleton. Their olive leaf chai is delicious, as is their olive oil!

  21. Whole Food, Mandurah Spud Shed is our local co-op and rain or shine every week we drive down and get our pile of beautiful fruit and veggies from them.
    The book looks like a dream 🙂

  22. I love going to the fresh food markets at the Orangegrove Public School. Organic egg and bacon rolls with organic coffee for a fresh breakfast and buying herb plants, cheeses, jams and beautiful fruit and veggies really makes my Saturday morning xxx

  23. Whole food, best eaten in the nude!! Anyway, hands down the best near me is Kookaberry Strawberry Farm, brilliant fresh berries, amazing jams and syrups.

  24. Whole Food. My favourite supplier is me! No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides – freshly picked from the garden and collected from the hen house.

  25. Whole Food. My favourite supplier is me! No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides – food freshly picked from the garden and collected from the hen house.

  26. Whole Foods are the bomb just like the great duo at Pipers Creek Grove ! My faves by a far !

  27. Whole Food, on my quest to feed my body the best I have discovered a whole other world of food producers in my local area. After visiting every market in 5 surrounding towns, I cannot fault the Byron Farmers Market. Friendly, fresh, beautiful, bountiful, knowledgeable, passionate, organic, tasty, cheap and rich in variety they are my one stop shop for all my fruit and veg.

  28. Whole foods, the necessities for a healthy life. We support CERES in Brunswick Victoria, they sell local and affordable organic fruit and vegetables, with as much fresh produce as possible being sourced from their own organic farm. Their veggies have travelled metres not miles.

  29. Whole food. My favourite supplier is The Natural Foodstore at Forest Glen, Sunshine Coast. I also love to eat at Ground, in Buderim. Whole foods are essential for me, go a few days on processed foods and my body tells me the error of my ways. I feel sluggish and below par. After a large bowl of salad and a smoothie or two I am back on track. I love trying new recipes, want to get into baking, and would love to win this cookbook.

  30. Whole food. Blue Mountains Honey make the best honey and honey products in Australia and they make a gourmet honey range featuring Fruit Honey, Infused Honey and Flavoured Honey . All added ingredients are natural and like the natural honey itself contain no chemicals or additives.

  31. Whole Food- My favourite organic market would have to be Northey Street City Farm of a sunday morning. Good food, good vibe and always a lovley way to start a Sunday

  32. Whole Food! So wonderful to have discovered your blog just now. Great giveaway question.
    I live near Mt Zero Olives, producers of olives and olive oil but also other goodies such as black lentils and pink lake salt, and natural skincare.

  33. Whole Food. Love the Orange Grove Farmer’s Market – it’s local, affordable and fun! This looks like a fantastic book, thanks for the chance 🙂

  34. Whole Food: Hill Billy Organic cider…..the best cider in the world and one that local.

  35. CONGRATULATIONS Clare from The Life of Clare, you have won a copy of Wholehearted Food by Brenda Fawdon.

  36. Sad I missed this giveaway 🙁 Looks like such a great book!!