Elephant Conservation Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In Thailand the number of elephants working the streets have dropped, thanks to an organisation who are promoting better care for elephants. At the Elephant Conservation Center you see elephants being cared for, that have been rescued from the streets, logging industry and tourism. Some of the elephants have previously been harmed and neglected, scarred with physical and mental injuries, including blindness, broken backs or legs, abscesses, and post traumatic stress.

The relationship of a Mahout and elephant starts when the elephant is younger and last the duration of its life.  At the conservation center, the Mahouts do not carry any spears, spikes or poles. The elephants are fed daily, the tourists can go up to feed them by hand.  Having the experience of an elephant grab a slice of pumpkin out of your hand is a bit of a rush.

The day at the conservation park is about feeding the elephants, getting to know them, with a small tour to see around the park and lunch.

Lastly, you have the chance to wash the elephants in the near by river.  Bucketing water over their large bodies from all sides.

Trips can be organised at the main office in Chiang Mai, they organise a bus to the Conservation Centre and provide lunch.

A day watching, feeding and bathing these amazing animals is rewarding.  Learning stories of the elephants lives and how the park is working for safer environments for other elephants.

Elephant Nature Park – website

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