Farm Life: 15th April, Market Success


Look at me! This weekend I had my first market stall selling fresh produce from my garden and some goodies from Kookaburra Organics who I work for. Last week I spent every day checking over my vegetables with the weather conditions of extreme rain, I lost a lot of food before even getting to the market.  I guess that is the life of a farmer.

This past week we have had 130mm of rain. With my garden waterlogged and the veggies absorbing unnecessary water I had a few explosions in the garden. My small capsicums absorbed all the extra water then went soft and then fell to bits in my garden all in the matter of 24 hours. A few of my cucumbers doubled in size over night which was good while my zucchinis had a fit and went to mush – ever single one of them. My eggplants, okra, lettuces all survived while I am still yet to go over my pumpkin patch to see if any have gone into melt down.


Cucumbers from my garden and a couple of Gary’s golden nugget pumpkins. They are great size to feed two people.


Half of my tomatoes survived the rain, though I am expecting to pull them out soon as they look like they are not very happy. The bushes have been in the ground since August last year and they seem to be holding up ok. I have been growing roma tomatoes – the seem to be sturdy enough. My next lot of heirloom tomatoes have just started flowering so that is good news. My tomatoes were very popular on the weekend – sold out before 10am.


Yep, I am gas-bagging away to a customer. It’s a Queensland saying – it means I am talking a lot. I love interacting with people and finding out what produce they are after for the week. I am amazed that not many people know what some of the vegetables were on my table. Like the tatsoi (Asian leafy green), okra and radishes.



Overall the market went well, I met some more of my fellow Hunchyites (its our nick-name for the people who live in our suburb), met some great customers and paid off all the efforts of setting up a stall. I look forward to next month were I should start turning a profit.

Another great thing was that I got to talk to a neighbour who lives two doors down and I am going to grow vegetables for the market stall in their garden too. I am slowly running out of space at my place and while I wait for the rain to stop to allow someone to plow my yard, I am wasting valuable time.


Next month I will be outside the hall in my 3×3 marquee with a full site to myself. The market was condensed to fit everyone in the hall due to the weather conditions on Saturday. I am looking forward to decking out my stall and showing you all next month.

After doing some research I am planning on selling, broccoli, kale, zucchini, beans, silverbeet, okra, beetroot, eggplant and tomatoes for the next one. If I am lucky I will get some snow peas started. Can you suggest any other vegetables that you  buy at the local markets that I should plant.


Thanks Lena for taking some photos of my stall for me!

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  1. What a brilliant market stall! How wonderful that you’ve got some more space to plant!

  2. What fun – and congrats! It must feel wonderful to have enough produce to be able to sell some (despite mother nature’s best efforts at mushing up all your produce).

  3. Great post Lizzie! I love your stall and the colour and vibrancy of your beautiful vegetables. I love the old hall too, it looks like a perfect venue for a market. From previous experience I know how much work goes into holding a market stall! I wish I was closer so I could drop in and buy some of your goodies.

    I cannot believe the rain you have had…it is so dry in our part of the world. We have had 3mm of rain this morning and we are just hanging out for more.

  4. How awesome are you? Well done on the stall! Love all the colour!

  5. Haven’t you been busy! That food looks very fresh. I hope it doesn’t rain so I can get up there next month.

  6. Oh nice congratulation! =)
    I can imagine that heavy rain is a huge challenge. not easy for sure, but so rewarding when it works out at the end. I wish I could come and visit your stall and buy some of your produce, everything looks so fresh and perfect.

    hm I don’t know what grows in Australia. I heard too that one can’t just send seeds there otherwise I would send you some from india, but I don’t think so that the customs would like that.

  7. Your radishes look amazing! I’ve never seen any so big. I wish you had a stand out here in NYC so I could buy some! 🙂

  8. OMG. I want to be your neighbor!! Stat!

  9. i cannot imagine that much rain … we’ve had some rain here lately but nowhere near as much as we need.
    your market stall looks so colourful and enticing, i would want to buy everything. especially the garlic, i much prefer buying my garlic from markets rather than the supermarket where it comes from dubious sources. your researched list sounds like a good range.

  10. You might’ve not had as much produce to bring to market, but what you have there looks amazing!

  11. You’re so cute!! Congrats on the market stall, very proud of you. I only wish I lived closer so I could buy your and Kookaburra Organics yummy produce