Farm Life: Expanding the Flock


How cute are these guys? Even I can’t get over how cute they are. Six weeks ago I found a rooster on Gumtree for sale the breed I wanted, which is the English Sussex. However I was too late, as per usual to follow-up on the ad, they are popular birds. After I got talking to one lady who was apart of the Nambour poultry club, she put me on to another fellow who may help me get the birds I was after.

After a lengthy conversation he told me about Yandina Feed Barn and that they often get some of the rare breeds in from time to time. I was excited to finally get through to someone who I could put my order in for the breed of chooks I was after. I left my name with the Feed Barn and they called me early last week to let me know the chooks were in. My flock was about to expand from 5 ISA browns to 11 chooks. Mind you the day olds look like they were a few days old, so they will be moving down to the chicken mansion in a couple of weeks time.

On a different note, I visited my folks last weekend after I discovered I had a paralysis tick on my head in the thick of my hair. Who knows how long he had made himself feel at home. I was feeling so tired and lethargic that I thought I could only ever watch David Attenborough documentaries for my new profession, so I didn’t need to leave the couch. After pulling the sucker half out and a bit more. I drove to my folks place for the last of the operation ‘Get The Tick Out of My Head’, some rest and mum’s cooking.

For anyone who wants to know how to get out a tick properly CLICK HERE.


Look at my silly guinea fowl – rescued from the chopping block by mum, they are now happy in Kingaroy eating bugs and making less of a racket. My folks dog likes to round them up and keep them together while they graze over the paddock. Also while I was up in K-Roy (Kingaroy), I helped one afternoon to pick capers, I was lucky enough to see a caper flower, it’s the start of the season and my folks have a big season ahead of them. They also recently won a GOLD award in the Sydney find food show, go Mum & Dad.


Ok, back to my cuties, these guys are growing so quickly. The top photo of this post was taken 5 days ago, and look how big they are now. Will have to take another picture next week to see how quickly they grow. I have found that this breed of chooks are true to form, they love to scratch around and peck at insects even at the tender age of a week old. My ISA browns weren’t this advanced, mind you they are egg  laying birds compared to the English Sussex who are laying birds and meat birds. Yes Meat Birds, we will eat any that turn in to roosters. Even though I want a rooster, he will need to come from a different home so I can have good blood lines among my girls when it comes time to breed them. Also our ST logo which I drew a while back is based on the English Sussex – that’s what I hope that they grow in to. Beautiful looking birds that are bigger and hopefully wont be targeted by the hawks that live in the area.


Free ranging in their small enclosure on the lawn each day. They love being outdoors, not inside in a box. I will keep you all posted when it comes time to integrate them in with the other girls.


Do you have chickens? What breed do you have or what would you like?


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  1. I’d love to know more about your folks’ caper farm and where they sell them.
    Hope you’ve fully recovered from the tick bite – sounds like you got it just in time!

  2. My gosh, the tick sounds awful – you poor thing!

    We don’t have chooks, I would love to keep them but we just don’t have the space at the moment. Nevertheless, yours are very cute!

    The caper flower is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous chicks Lizzie, you are making me want some NOW, but we are meant to be waiting until next year when Guy has time to build a henhouse etc. Love the caper flower, reminds me of a wonderful holiday in Salina (a gorgeous island off the coast of Sicily) where they grew capers, I didn’t see a flower though.

  4. Sorry to hear about the tick, but glad you got it out. Your new chicks are so cute! Nice that you got you visit your guinea fowl!

  5. Ticks are nasty creatures – I hope your mum got it all out and you’re now fine.

    Your babies are adorable Lizzie. I remember when I bought fertilised eggs and our broody hen raised them. I could have watched them all day. 🙂

  6. Your beautiful pic of the Caper flower reminded me that I had planted two of these earlier this year. Where did they go? ?(sadly rhetorical question). Good grief, I haven’t given them a thought and the poor things have died and gone to plant heaven without me even noticing their passing. Will have to try again.

  7. Your chickens are so cute! How do you integrate new ones with established ones? I thought the new ones would all be henpecked. What a stunning variety, good luck with deterring the hawks. We have Isa Browns, they are such gentle ladies who produce well. My caper plants died, they must need a lot of warmth. \your flower picture is gorgeous. I am glad you are over your tick moment, they sure do hurt, for days afterwards 😀