Feast with a Duck!

You always know dinner is going to be great when you have  a good friend round, a bottle of wine and a clean kitchen to mess up.  This feast took us all afternoon to create, but the outcome was worth it.  We ended up having 20 people help us to devour the feast.  Verana and myself are going to go for round 2 of the cook up challenge.  “how many people can you feed for dinner”  phone a friend perhaps???

cookupDUCK2The duck we bought at Heinz Butcher at Woollangabba.  Organic!  We ended up talking to the young Irish guy who worked there for a bit with ideas of how to prepare duck.  We both had never tried to cook one before so why not give it a go.  The end result is duck with soy honey glaze.  A few simple ingredients rubbed over the duck and cooked in a hot oven for 1 1/2 hours.  The trick is to cook the duck breasts down, the Irish guy can take credit for that one.  It worked too!

So on to the veggies, once again simple was the key.  The wine was kicked in and the great plans for an intensive cooking plan fizzled out.  Basics it is


Mushrooms with duck fat, simply pan fried till soft and tender


Grilled eggplant


Verana’s Potato Salad

cookupBEANSTurkish Beans this is Roy’s favorite way to have beans.  Will have to put the recipe up for this.

We also had flat bread and a few dips and lemon to go with the feast.

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