Festival Time

What makes me happier than a dagwood dog when im drunk?

Being able to listen to rad live music while i do it.

Thats right its festival time. First up we have the good old Woodford Folk Festival. Then shortly after we will be off to the Byron Bay Blues Fest.

We eat some amazing food on these excursions. I hope to document the some of my drunken eating adventures from the above two festivals. Then you can see the amazing variety and well as the amazing gluttony involved in surviving at a week long music festival.

Mmm,pizza, langos, german sausages, chicken satay, paella, kofta, pork buns, Jamaican squid, samosas, donuts,….. and alway the two-minute noodles back at camp when you are too hungover to make back into the festival grounds.

Oh yeah thats The Drive-By Truckers from last years blues fest. Nice.

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