Fish Taco’s

Making tacos are so much fun, I love it more so when the  lime juice and chilli sauce is running down your for arms after your first one and then you go back for a second covered in tasty goodness.  Messy but so yummy.

Mexico flavour was in the air, both Roy and I often think about mexico and the food that we ate.  I just ate tacos  and I miss them.  The smell and the taste and the people surrounding you while you eat them.

To make these Taco’s:  We bought some reef fish which was dense.  We fried it up with a bit of flour in small chunks  till golden which takes only a few minutes.  For the filling of the taco we added lettuce, red onion, coriander, lime juice, chili sauce, fish and a tomato salsa.

These taste so fresh and like mexico.

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