Food during Pregnancy, 11 weeks to go.


Being someone who loves food, all food, when its suggested that I should change my diet I don’t take this too kind heartedly. When I first found out I was pregnant the doctor warned me about certain foods not to eat. I was brokenhearted leaving the appointment. How dare she tell me I can’t eat salami’s, hams or soft cheese. Who does she think she is, a doctor?

To be honest I took her advice and threw it out the window of the car on the way home. I have a fairly healthy diet and why should I change it and add more supplements to get my nutrients. So I did some research, I talked to other women about their experiences and what they were doing. I just wanted back up so I did not have to change my habits, call me stubborn.

Foods you are NOT suppose to eat: According to many health resources you need to be wary of what you are putting in your mouth in case it could be contaminated with Listeria bacteria. “Listeria is very uncommon accounting for less than 1% of food born infections, it can be dangerous” Qld Government.  Listeria can lead to miscarriage or premature birth, still birth or illness in the newborn.  It’s also recommended that you cook your own food and not eat anything that has been made and heated for more than 12 hours before its served. Foods that are on the No-No List; cold meats like ham & salami, cold chicken, pâté, salads that are pre-packaged or in salad bars, chilled seafood like raw oysters, sashimi or sushi, smoked seafood or prawns that are ready to eat, fish high in mercury like mackerel, soft cheese with a ripened surface like brie, camembert and ricotta, feta or blue and lastly raw milk. What a list.

My diet has not really changed during pregnancy. I have eaten sushi, sashimi, eggs benedict with smoked salmon, soft cheeses at Christmas, sumo salad, prawns and I have definitely not stopped eating hams or salamis of any sort. I ate out of hotboxes at Woodford for a whole week too. I even had a celebratory shandy at Christmas and one on New Years.

Our food is always fresh and when buying from other vendors I always check about the quality and freshness. This is something I do even if I am not pregnant. We don’t eat out often but I tend to make smart choices while I am out. Ensuring that my food is cooked fresh and if something doesn’t taste right, i simply just don’t eat it and get something else.  I have always been very conscious of how food makes me feel after eating and have learnt to adjust my diet accordingly.


The first trimester is always challenging for anyone when it comes to food. I totally went of the Brassica family (broccoli, kale and cabbage) it’s practically all we had in the garden and I just could not stand the smell of it. But wanting to keep my greens up I ate silverbeet, zucchini and invested in some Spirulina powder to add to drinks. Greens have always been a big part of our diet and not wanting them for a few months I wanted to make sure my body was still getting its nutrients.  Thank goodness the first trimester only lasts a few months and I am now back to normal eating normally again.

Mind you I have taken up drinking milk. I have not had a glass of milk since I was in high school, I went for soy instead on my cereal. Still ate cheese but not much other dairy. Now dairy is my new best friend, it not only eases my heartburn which I get on occasion but obviously my little bub wants extra calcium for strong bones too. Chocolate milk is the answer to everything – honestly.

Many people get wild cravings and all I have is chocolate milk to ale my heartburn. I have heard of some women living on lettuce and pâté, ice cubes, wheat-bix and curly fries. So keeping up with my healthy diet I hope to be feeding my little one a variety of foods and flavours for it to appreciate. Did you have any food craving through your pregnancy and if you didn’t is there something you wished you did crave?

NOTE: This is my personal opinion about foods during pregnancy, not all women should eat what ever they like during pregnancy. Check with your GP or midwife about any uncertainty about food.



  1. I craved anchovy stuffed olives during my pregnancy. My child *loves* olives. Kudos to you for doing your research and doing what is right for you and your body. I wish I had had your knowledge during my pregnancy. Best of luck with the remainder.

  2. I haven’t had any cravings either. I have been drinking more milk too. Funny isn’t it. I also ignored any advice about what pregnant women should and shouldn’t eat. The only things I haven’t eaten have been raw fish, and bought sushi. I also could stand ginger in my first trimester, which was annoying because that’s what people kept telling me to have to stop my morning sickness.

  3. Congratulations! You’re adorable!

  4. It’s so interesting to read this. I too have heard about Listeria and although I know it’s uncommon, it would make me so nervous to eat the no-no foodss…but knowing where your ingredients are coming from and their freshness definitely makes it safer. It would be so sad to give up your favorite foods!

  5. I’m at the end of my third pregnancy. With a week to go I am very much looking forward to the gift of amazing French soft cheeses that I have received in hospital after my other two were born! Better than flowers any day! 9 months without cheese is a long hard journey, but I’ve done it three times now. Good luck with your final trimester. If you’d like to read my thoughts of being at 38 weeks (actually, it’s 39 now!) you may enjoy my most recent post at

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