From One Year to Another

Once again another year is over.  I am not sure exactly how time got eaten up so quickly.  Yet here I am at the face of a new year, not knowing what are my plans and goals.  Evaluating life seems quite hard, I guess looking over last year it may be hard to beat!

So what did happen last year(2011)?  Well in the lives of Roy and I, first we rocked out the new year in mud at Woodford folk festival.  It is like a tradition, yes we did end it there too.  After a week being back home in Brisbane the rain did not let up and yes the qld floods were on our doorstep.  Surviving a week with no power, limited supplies and listening to a quite city while trying to get sleep. A very surreal experience.  Everyday we were helping someone, move in or out of homes, scrubbing, pushing and hosing mud.  We were lucky it did not hit our home.

It was wedding time in April, Roy and I had decided we would get married before we travelled the world.  Why not?  But first, our flatmate Paul was getting married to Suesue.  We flew down to Melbourne to eat dumplings and of course attended a beautiful wedding.  Paul and Suesue’s big day was so fantastic, the memories of the tram ride, ohhh.  The night before our friend Gemma had her book launch for her project Red Light Dark Room.  I love Melbourne, I love that the crew flew down to have a jolly weekend in another city.

Then it was Easter time which meant that the Blues Fest was coming up.  Another festival on the cards each year.  For some reason we did not take any photos.  Or write about it last year.  ODD?  Well it was our wedding in 5 days, so I think our focus might have been on something else.

Our wedding, well I guess we did it in style.  All of our dearest friends and family all camping under the stars for a long weekend out in the bush.  Nothing like rolling around in a paddock!  A pig on the spit to feed the ravenous up.  A sunset like no others and a hoedown that I will never forget.  My day was special, and the weekend was just the best time ever.  If I could do it all again I would.  We were so lucky that we had everyone come to our special day, people traveled long and far.  Take a look at these brilliant photos done by Gemma of our weekend.  It still brings a tear to my eye, I love that man! Roy that is.

Well we were packed up and ready to go before the wedding.  We had given and sold most of our belongings.  With only a few things to keep, obviously the car.  I really need to find a photo of it.  It was now time to pack our tiny backpacks to take on the world.  Our packing list was somewhat an ordeal of what to take and what not to take.  I think we could even make it smaller again next time.

So it was time for us to take on the world.  Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.  We traveled for just over 3months.  Our highlights of Asia are found on flickr or take a look at our travel page.  Eating our way through Asia was a fun task, I would love to go back to China, maybe this year?

Roy was back to work in PNG and me well I decided on living some where new.  Maleny was my pick, we have a great view from our verandah of the glass house mountains.  After searching for work I am now a Chef(please do take note of the capital it makes me feel important) at a health retreat in Reeseville.  I also write recipes for the local paper each week, check out the Range News.

Christmas was at our house this year, us the newlyweds. Our families arrived on Christmas eve for our big dinner.  I cooked a turkey.  I had never cooked one before.  Below are a few photos of our Christmas feast with our family.

[nggallery id=12]

So what is 2012 going to be?  Maybe it will be a nice and relaxing year.  After the last one being so eventful.

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