Garden Share Collective : October 2014


Summer is on its way here in Queensland. This week has been warm and it kicked off with a scorcher 30 degree day last Monday. I am grateful that we had some rain (31 mm) this month to keep the veggies happy. I timed fertilizing perfectly so that it would get watered in by the rain that was predicted. We did not get as much as others around us but we did get more than a lot of folks. This month the garden has transformed, so much so that when Roy got home he was surprised. Let’s take a look.


At the start of last month I panted out my kale and you should see it now. Huge. I used organic extra on these guys just before we got a slow soaking of 6mm and woosh, up they have grown. After being in the ground for only four weeks I am now picking them to sell at my farm gate. The combination of fertilizer and rain is great for veggies especially the leafy greens ones.

Also we had our first strawberries and the birds didn’t eat them. Possible Shaz & Shane the scarecrow are working after all.

strayedtable-3081 strayedtable-3085

The new area: Well with the rain comes new growth and weeds. We have also had a few visitors in the garden munching away at the tops of the corn. Wallabies. Well at least they leave their poo to compost. ย However the not so welcome rodents have eaten most of the pumpkin seed & melon seed. I did a quick trip to a garden centre to get some seedlings to replace the ones that did not come up. I think out of all the seed I planted I got heaps of corn, a few rockmelons and one stars & moon watermelon.

Once again I wanted to show you the growth of the new veggie area. Below is the difference of the potatoes we planted out. Would you believe that I have also harvest a couple of spuds already they were a little smaller than the palm of my hand. I think I have a bumper crop coming. My farm gate customers are going to be very happy.

spuds strayedtable-3100

PLANTING: This month I have seedlings going in to fill the empty spaces; okra, sugarloaf cabbage (experimental), more tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, asian greens and lettuce. I also found some cheap asparagus crowns at bunnings of all places. So I am going to stick them in and hope that they take. I want to be harvesting loads of asparagus next year. I will get a few more seeds going, leafy greens and few extra tomatoes, zucchini’s eggplants, beetroot and carrots.

HARVESTING: This week we have the start of zucchini season, eggplants coming on possibly picking them by the end of this month. We finished the last of the brassica’s last week, no more broccoli and cabbages for a while. I am going to plant some more just to see what happens. We have had some rhubarb, beetroot, beans, sugarsnap peas, the last of the snow peas, plenty of tomatoes, sweet peppers and of course fresh herbs. Plenty of leafy greens too like, kale, silverbeet, tatsoi, lettuce and asian greens. Broad Beans – Yes! I think for us the best time to plant them is July for spring

TO DO: This month I have to mulch the new garden area. I have already mulched the potatoes once and I want to do it again to see if I can encourage big potatoes to grow. Mulch around all the seedlings that are living among the millions of cobblers pegs in that patch. Plant out the next lot of seed potato, remove any plants that are not producing food, turn the soil and then mulch ready for planting. Tie up the tomatoes again, remove all our beans that have disease and burn them. Pest control, dreaded fruit fly spray, spray and more spray. Weekly dousing of dipel and pyrethrum will be in order now.

SEED SWAP: I have rhubarb seed not sure if it will work but if anyone want to give it a try they can. I also have some broccoli seed that would be perfect for anyone around South East Queensland. It’s hardy its done two years at our place and I find it does well with minimal water. After last seed swap I received some luffa from African Aussie and I am happy to say my plants are up and now with the warmer weather thriving. It’s great to try new things, I just need to think about what I want to try next.


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  1. It is amazing that your kale grew enough to harvest in four weeks. It looks so beautiful. We are harvesting kale too, but for us it is fall. So the plants are much older.

  2. Weather here in London has been warm and occasionally really wet. My kale is the same as yours – seedling plants put out a few weeks back are now big enough to harvest. Still waiting on broccoli though. Your wallaby poo comment made me laugh out loud but, oh, what a shame for you to have all that nibbling going on. Have you grown asparagus before? In the UK we’re advised to leave cutting any spears until at least the second year so that the plant gathers strength (the same with rhubarb). I put in plants (not one yr old crowns) two years ago; had a few stems this year in the spring but resisted cutting them, hoping for great things next year. Good luck with everything Lizzie – looking forward to reading the Aussie blogs now that we’re going into autumn over here!

  3. It’s amazing how much things have changed in your garden in the space of a month. It’s been just as dramatic in my garden but in the opposite direction, from green and lush to brown and dying. It will be a treat to read about your garden as mine fades away for the year.

  4. Your garden has such huge spurts of growth Liz. It is looking wonderful. Fingers crossed the pests and bugs stay away for you.

  5. So much growth in just a few weeks – that would take nearly a whole season here! Nice to see your veggies thriving.

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  7. rain and warm weather makes such a wonderful difference – no matter where you are! everything sounds so delicious and wonderful lizzy.

  8. Your strawberries look absolutely wonderful!! I have a few Alpine strawberry plants, and I get so happy when I see little berries ripe and gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Those beet root look amazing and the garden growth in 4 weeks is too. Just wondering about planting potatoes is it because you are on the Sunshine Coast that you can grow them. I thought the potato season in Brisbane is before winter. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  10. Hi Liz. I’ve got some chilli and coriander seeds if you’re interested. I would love a couple of your broccoli seeds to try if possible. I just haven’t been successful with broccoli at all – it bolts every time.


  11. Hey Lizzie your pics look amazing! What a garden .. you have been so busy. I’m like you, a great fan of mulching – your spuds will love you for it. Good luck with that ‘to do’ list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The garden looks great Liz! I so wanted to try growing moon and stars watermelon this year, but ran out of time for seeds. Next year I will definitely do it!

  13. Oh I am glad to hear that your loofah have come up. I am also growing okra this year, that is a first for me. My photos are giving me trouble again, but I managed to get my post done this morning, albeit missing a few of the latest photos I wanted to add. grrr. your garden is looking fabulous – thank you so much for organizing this link up, even with all the other work you have to do.

  14. As I sit, huddled up in a thick jumper,I am trying hard (and failing miserably) not to be envious of your 30 degree temperatures ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your garden is looking amazing and I can’t get over how fast everything is growing ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to next months installment and seeing more growth. Fingers crossed that the rodents leave your garden alone now.

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