Harry’s Garden Tour, Byron Bay Hinterland

I don’t know if you know Harry, I am sure you would if you lived in the Northern Rivers. My father-in-law invited us to take a peak at a garden that he is working on. Harry is a landscape gardener, who is currently working on a small project of producing organic vegetables.

We spoke about liquid fertilser (above) that he has made from manure, ash, lime and microbes. This mixture gets spread through the garden every two weeks.

The garden is a tiered with raised beds at waist height for easy access to the vegetables. Above is one bed with cabbage, kale, peas and beans. One of the most important thing to plant through your garden is legumes to replace the nitrogen in the soil. Harry is using the wing-bean, we collected some seeds from some of the dried pods.

Compost is also very important for growing vegetables, it delivers a rich source of balanced nutrients. This means long-term it is better for your garden and your soil. We got a few more tips about composting, as we have just started our own three bay system. Harry told us about adding a generous amount of dolomite through the layers of natural fibers and manure. The soil underneath the dolomite was rich and dark and packed full of nutrients. Above you can see the layer of white through the compost.

Garlic freshly picked, ready for drying.

Broccoli, ornamental cabbage, red cabbage and kale.

Various varieties of lettuce.

Our garden visit has inspired us to build something similar on our farm for our CSA program. Raised beds seem like a great option for less back-aching work. Wind breaks are important on exposed blocks facing the east. The sea breezes whip through and can easily flatten a good crop of tomato seedlings.

Big thanks to Harry for giving us a tour, we have a big learning curve in front of us.

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  1. Hi Lizzie, big learning curve but so worth it. It will bring you so much joy creating wonderful dishes with the produce from your own veggie garden. How lucky for you to have your father in law guiding you.

  2. This looks like a great tour and much fun. I am sure I could learn a lot there! 🙂

  3. It is so informative when you get invited into a master’s garden. So many little things to learn.
    Thanks Lizzie, & Harry!!