Home Sweet Home, Huthwaite Farm

Welcome to our new home (shed) at Huthwaite Farm in Hunchy. We have a bathroom, bedroom, lounge and a kitchen.

After moving in at the end of June, we had still not had our tank delivered, or plumbing connected. The things we did have was power, a comfortable bed and roof. A basic life, embracing peeing in the yard, collecting water from good friends to use to drink, cook and clean with. Thanks go especially to Ally and Peter for your water and showers. Our television reception just made out sbs, which was great for me, I got to hear and see through the snow to follow the Tour De France, while Roy was away.

Our block is rural, with no mains and was not connected with power or phones and our shed was covered in goat shit when we bought it. To think back in March we had organised power to be connected, and the day that they did turn it on was the day I was painting our walls. In the gallery you will see me with the lights on painting. It was a huge day for us. It meant that now that we have power we could start getting other people in do our plumbing. In the time we waited and waited for our power our building skills were put to the test, insulating and sheeting walls and ceilings. All on battery powered tools, so after the two batteries wore out, the work was done for the day. Lucky for us we got to nail our sheets on the wall, which saved battery time.

A shout out to Joey, Jefte, Luke, Kiyomi, Benjie & Hugo, for coming to help with our sheeting the wall working bee weekend. With more hands makes light work. Really appreciate it. It is amazing to see how quickly a wall can go up and it starts to look like a home, not just a goat shed. That weekend we were still in the dark, our second experience of sleeping in our new home. Advice for those who are thinking of doing the same. In the middle of winter all ways put something down on the concrete floor before you put your air matress down, it could be a blanket, old carpet or a tarp. Both Roy and I, learnt that concrete floors are really cold, we both woke with half of our body frozen, while the blanket side was warm.

Thanks to my Dad and Mum for coming to help us get the last of our supplies from bunnings with your trailer and Dad thanks or helping with the ceiling.

The power got turned on Wednesday the 20th of June. I have to stress this, as we were told it would be on at the start of June, and silly me getting excited about moving out of our rental, had all ready given notice to move out of our house on the 26th of June. Cutting it a little fine, I know. I had even organised a removal truck for the 22nd of June, that did not turn out so well either, as he showed up on the Tuesday 19th June, to move our stuff. Being the organised person that I am, most of our things were actually ready to be moved, we just needed to take all of our big things – table (10ft x 4ft), chairs, fridge and washing machine, plus a few boxes. We were lucky to help pack and unload our belonging in under two hours, that included the distance from our rental to our new home. Though, as the rain has not stopped in years (it feels like it), we did mention to Mr Removalist, about the driveway, yet he still got bogged. The truck was super heavy (14ton – I think), it was six hours later, the truck was moved out with two tractors some rope, stupid amounts of wood and rocks under the tyres. But he got it out, which I am glad, now I think that I could of used it as an extension to the house, the back of removal trucks are pretty big.

We officially lived in our new home from the 26th June 2012. The first Friday of July, the rain held off enough (2 days) to allow the soil to dry a little, so the installation of our water treatment plant could happen. It was amazing to watch, 15 men using diggingers, backhoes and shovels, to lay cable and piping. The most professional tradies I have ever seen, they just get the job done, and they did it well, all in a day. Thanks to Water Bank Tanks, Simon, Jared & Amos (electrician) and all the guys apart of the crew. What seemed daunting a 174 meter trench from our humble shed to the water treatment plant. Was an easy run of no rocks, just a shitty camphor-laurel tree with its roots in the way. It was just amazing to watch, a hive of activity.

The following week – the bathroom got fitted out, with the walls, and floors – Thanks to Ally & Verena for lending a hand. On that Friday the 13th July. We got running water! the toilet worked, the shower worked – yes it was only cold, kitchen sink worked. Water came out of the taps, I am still amazed that I lived for two weeks with out running water. I had learnt how to minimise what I use, I got down to a quarter of a cup of water to clean my teeth and 1 litre of water to wash 3 days of dishes. And on the Monday we had our hot water system connected, yep all the mod cons for our shed.

The to do list has finally gotten smaller. The only thing we just have not figured out is internet. I am relying on Telstra to say yep, no worries we can fix it. Yet my intution is telling me we may have to find another method to down-load new episodes of Breaking Bad. The new series is out and I still have not seen any. I am about to start watching re-runs of old TV shows from the computer. What have  I not watched twice all ready?

Last week we had the last of our furniture delivered, we own a couch. Yes, made for relaxing, watching the view and for movies. Watching fuzzy Tour De France in a camp chair is not ideal, the comfort level is a 2 out of 10, maybe if I had a foot rest it could of been better. The camp chair did come with a cup holder – it did have a plus side.

We are now living in luxury, with the best view, loads of birds and trees on our hill top.

Life is good

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  1. Oh it looks so fabulous guys! you have been working so hard! I would love to come up and check it out some time. What a huge task you have under taken! yay a beautiful little home!

  2. It’s great that you are now in your new home after what seems to be, quite a project. And how lovely that you have had so many friends give you a hand – it certainly does make a big difference. I hope you are soon able to tick off everything else on your to-do list xx

    • Thanks Charlie. Yes the list should be all done by the end of August. Then all the fun stuff can happen, gardening and livestock.

  3. Sounds like you are about to be living your dream!

  4. Wow! a real home you made for yourselves. How fantastic to get from Shed to bed and all the help you’ve had from friends. I’d love to see how you get the rest of your chores done and develop your garden and farm. GG

    • Thanks, we have another working bee coming up in August to plant our first trees. It is to stop erosion & give us a wind break from our very cold southerlies. Will be taking plenty of photo’s that weekend.

  5. Hi Liz, congrats!
    Its inspired me! We keep moving towards our vision…similar…one step at a time.
    Keep in touch, we may need those hard working crews you recommend for our patch in about a year.
    Hugs, Jayana