Hot dog with Zucchini Pickle

I like stuff.

Durian, blood sausage, cognac with sarsaparilla…..

Do you like stuff?

But some things i like more. (Although i try not to grade things that are good too much, as this is directly related to how long ago i had something. Mmm, that was the best cup of tea I have ever had.)

I like hotdogs more than you like hotdogs. (Although 5 minutes ago I liked tea better than you liked tea, but through the passing of time that may not now be true.)

I like cheap hotdogs, I like fancy hotdogs and I love 7-11 hotdogs that have been sitting on the little hotdog spinning machine way too long.

So when Liz made too much zucchini pickle for her jam selling enterprise and asked me should we bring it home, what do you think I though of? (I will give you the benefit of the doubt here as it was days ago and it could have had something to do with meat of some kind (very likely)).

So lets just say it was “Hotdogs”.

Supermarket deli hotdogs, with supermarket bakery bread and amazing homemade (if I lived in a commercial kitchen) zucchini pickle. Oh and supermarket tomato sauce (gonna need some homemade of that).

What can I say but it was the best thing I have ever eaten. (Well until I ate an orange that blew my mind.)

I would highly recommend Strayed from the Table Zucchini Pickle with meaty things. (Oranges also)

I think Liz will be selling this stuff at the West End markets in a couple of weeks. So when you get you hotdog from the german sausage place, take to see Liz and ask her pretty please for a little Zucchini pickle (and i hear there is now tomato sauce!!) to go on top and you may be in luck. Say Roy sent you (though we have established that I may or may not remember it).

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