In search of the best tassie seafood

You would think that a small island,  would have the best quality seafood, everywhere you go.  Thanks to Tasmania we discovered you really need to go in search of a decent fish and chip shop to get the goods.  This is what we tried and loved of the seafood in Tassie.

Our first stop was the seafood on the wharf at Hobart, however to excited about eating we forgot to take a photo, but we did end up going back for some more.  After doing our cooking class we headed up the A10 to Burnie from Hobart.  Doing a little drive out to Stanely to go and see the Nut.  There was a pretty busy fish and chip shop so the chances of getting some goods where high.

the Seafood restaurant did have a fresh seafood shop linked to the side, note the lobster on the roof, yet the restaurant had a shark on the roof…  Our lunch

Seafood basket for 2 and apparently they gave us some extra stuff.  Now the yellow looking batter was slightly flavoured with curry powder.  This can be good but i dont think that oil they used was the freshest.  All of the scallops, seafood sticks even the calamari where frozen processed goods.  Our fish and prawns where real, that was it. A little disappointing, at least we had a bottle of coke to help dissolve the oil that we consumed and not leave our poor little bellies feeling sorry for themselves.

The Nut at Stanely, this is the warning sign of the worst fish and chips in Tasmania.

Along a better note, we went into Burnie a real town, to try another one of the delicacies here in Tassie – Seafood Chowder

I remember Roy rating this chowder pretty highly, having real seafood as ingredients.  I did not mind it but not a huge fan of cream. Obviously was not designed for me.  I had the safe option of Trevalla and Calamari.  We just finished scoffing down cheese at a cheese factory at Burnie.  So was not too hungry but just cant turn down calamari. yumm

it was really delicious, fresh too.  We bought this good lot from Fish Frenzy on the water at Burnie

Recommend the Chowder, and they have a nice range of wines to drink with the seafood, while watching the world go by on the balcony overlooking the sea.  Nice afternoon

Next stop on the seafood trail was a little place that sold oysters fresh to the Public – at Freycinet Marine Farm Bay on the way to Wine Glass Bay.  Worthy of a stop if you love fresh oysters.  Its all so BYO so you can have a drink while slurping down your oysters.

He Finished the lot all to himself.  That was one happy man, who wouldn’t be with a pile of oysters and a bottle of Whisky at your side.

Then after a few days in Wine Glass Bay, we headed down to Port Arthur along the way, we read about this place called the Ugly Duck Out which is in Swansea.  It has been called the Best Fish and Chips in Tassie.

This is the Winner of our taste sensations too, just look at it, fresh, not oily no need for absorbent paper anywhere.  Lightly salted, not too many chips all a big plus for us.  I still dream about this meal, now to find a good version of this in Brisbane or surrounds.

Lastly we made it back to the same chippy at the wharf in Hobart

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