It’s Over . . .

Ideally, we would need three recipes with high res photos and a lead in story. While we don’t have a budget, I could look into what we might be able to give you.

That’s just a snippet of the last email I received in negotiations with getting a paid role in the paper. I have sat with this statement for three days now. I have decided how much I am worth – the value of three recipes and high res photos. Though my chance of payment looks slim as there is no budget. hmmmm

For those of you who supported me a few months back would remember my story about getting paid for your work. I followed that post up with the things I have learnt from this experience. Here I am today making a new start  – getting rid of the old and starting the new.

Here it is, possibly the end of my recipe column in the local papers here in the coast. What came as a great idea turned out as a great experience and a huge learning curve. I have always loved food and ideally when I grow up I want to be just like Maggie Beer (who doesn’t). Yesterday was the last published recipe in our local paper.

My heart aches a little with the possibility of no longer writing for the paper but for those folks who have started to follow my blog I will still have recipes here. They may not be as frequent but they will still come from our garden or from other local producers.

I hope some of the readers do write or ring the paper and ask about me. I want the folk who haven’t paid me or refuse to pay me realise that I made a difference to the content of the papers for the past years. Good content is always worth something.

So now that I have free time and spring is here. I have cleaned up my work space to focus on sharing my travels along this road of life with you. More stories about the farm, my dear little Isla, motherhood, of course some more tasty recipes and travel. We are off to Alice Springs next month for our first adventure. Lets see if we can keep our luggage as carry-on now…

I want to thank everyone who has offered support, called me stupid and let this opportunity slip through my fingers. If they turn around and say YES that they will pay me, then you may see a full page of Lizzie Moult in your local paper soon. Though I am sure this won’t be happening, I am ready to take on the world as a Full Time Blogger. Well maybe while Isla is sleeping.


  1. Good for you for sticking to your guns and negotiating. So, it didn’t go the way you wanted, but I guess that’s always the risk of negotiations. Now there is an open door, new ideas and new writing will take up that space. Enjoy the adventure.

  2. There comes a time where may be you may have been taken for granted. When someone can pay “nothing” for something why would they want to then go and pay for it. That being said, the experience, the exposure and doing something that you were passionate about is all good experience and with every closing door their is an opportunity for another one opening. You can look upon it as part of your life and now it’s time to see what else is on the horizon for you and your family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. I always read your facebook posts and blog posts because you are a good writer. I had a smiliar experience where I was working in an art gallery as a teacher ….I was paying for some of my equipment and getting paid very little. I took it on for the experience but realised that I could not continue, when you know what you are worth then the resentment builds up. I now teach from my farm and it feels so good .
    I think that papers everywhere are getting fewer readers because they are removing the ‘real ‘ content. Your recipes will be a sad loss for regular readers.
    A new door opens….. I sure it will lead somewhere good and good on you for believing in your abilities and knowing that you worth it.

  4. It is a very shaky line we tread, being paid for what we write. Good for you sticking to your guns, and I am sure more opportunities will come your way. Wow travelling with only carry on with a small child – I am impressed!

  5. Lizzie – I am sad that your lesson here was the one that you got, but you are a stronger and wiser woman who is moving forward from this. You are good at and passionate about writing about food and produce, and I am sure, pointing your determination towards a reward, this will not always be your outcome.

  6. Life is definitely too short to work for a profit-making business for free. And that means you’ll have plenty of time and resources available when opportunity comes knocking next :)

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