July Planting Guide

Australian JULY Planting Guide

Don’t you just love this time of year? I do, the sun is warm on your skin there are cool nights to curl up in front of a fire and the weeds in the garden don’t seem to be going mental. Winter is a time to take stock and put a plan in place for the springtime. There are a few odd jobs I do during these cooler months in the garden and most of them can be done while holding a cup of tea.

  • Check your seed collection – go through it, throw out any old seeds (most stop being viable after a few years – yes heirloom included). Put your order in for your spring  and summer seeds.
  • Plan your garden – Honestly this will help you make decisions about the coming months. Write up what you have in each bed – draw a map if you like – here is a picture of mine. Then add what  you are going to replace it with – crop rotation is important.
  • Turn your soil – Enjoy a sunny day and work your soil by turning it over and adding plenty of manure and green matter. If you already have plants in the ground don’t worry, get a garden fork and push it in to the ground around your plants to help air rate the soil and encourage activity. You may need to put your cup a tea to the side to do this one.

I didn’t get a chance this month to draw up something special for you all, instead you can enjoy the bright colour of lemons on your fridge. Click on the Download Link and you can get your FREE copy of the JULY PLANTING GUIDE.



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  1. Thanks Lizzie, and good luck with your house move on Friday.

  2. Hi Lizzie good luck with the move and settling into your new home. I am not able for some reason to print out this new format planting guide???

  3. Hi Lizzie I think it is not downloading properly for me as it is coming through as a picture doc