Kingaroy Cheese and Wine Festival

From one festival to the next.  This was on three weekends ago.  This weekend we are off to blues fest, for Roy to probably find the best hotdog on site.

Kingaroy food  and wine festival is held yearly on the second weekend of march each year.  It hosts farmers of grapes (wine), dairy (cheese) and olives to name a few.  The South Burnett is growing with new farms and places making many new and delicious items.  If you ever decided to go away for a weekend, head up there and get on the wine trail.  The scenery is beautiful and the sunsets just don’t compare to many other places.

I have a collaboration of photos from this year and last.

Above is my dad (in the hat, GO AL)  and Brian, his best mate.  Brian grows olives and has his own olive oil label called “Bunya Gold”  which is now out on the market and is the best olive oil I have ever tasted.  Bunnyconnellen is far from this winning blend plus they don’t even grow the olives.  You can go and visit Brian and walk through the olive trees. Back in town (kinagaroy)  they get the olives cold pressed.  Just talking about the olive oil is making my mouth water.  I love it when you dunk a fresh bit of bread in it.

The activity in the main tent as people are trying and buying wines and cheese

Our home made picnic of goodies comprised of  meat and cheese.  I have found the Polish Club in Brisbane and went and bought some delish sausages and pate.  We also ate the rest of the headcheese from work.

Roy being fed cheese by my beautiful sister Amy.  The tasting plate below is just $10 for some delicious locally produced meats and other treats.

Roy’s little snack of chorizo and cous cous.  Below is one of the street performers.

I  love this festival as its not pretentious at all.  Just real people sitting in a park and having a good time.  No need for stiletto’s here.  Bring a chair and soak up the best of the country has to offer.  Look forward to next year.

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