Korean Dinner

Roy and I always get excited about cooking asian cuisine.  We are so close to some of the best restaurants in West End, a quick walk up the road will lead to a bowl of pho.  There are two asian supermarkets, one on hardgrave road and the other on vulture street.  Both of equal value, with the products that they hold.  Shopping for foods you have never seen or heard of before is sometimes tricky.  But being the persistent person I am, the questions are sometimes endless to the staff.  One of my recent conquests at the local store was how to make a pho.  I have made my first attempt at pho, with the help of the owner, we spoke in-depth about options for ingredients.  As I knew what I was going to use, but she did help me make some vital decisions.  Will be posting about it soon.  My Pho Victory!

Korean dinner was inspired by a visit to a Korean Barbecue.  Which I think now is my favourite way to eat, so healthy.  After a meal you can walk away not feeling bloated, but the goodness of the flavours swirling around in your belly just make you smile.  Sounds stupid I know.  However after eating Korean barbecue then going for a few more drinks and a concert, I did not feel the need to lean against a post all night.  Which some meals tend to do.

I cooked this meal for Ally who came to stay with us, ok, to visit me.  Life being unemployed is fantastic.  With friends popping around during the week while they are on school holidays.  The recipes are below, Yes Ally the cucumber recipe too!

How to make beansprouts:  1 tbsp sesame oil, 1tbsp soy, 1tbsp rice vinegar and 1 dessert spoon of sugar.   Make mixture and add when bean sprouts are just starting to wilt.  Drain off excess liquid to serve.

We just ate our meal with rice, chicken, asian greens (cause i cant get enough), bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, tofu and kim chi.

How to make pickled cucumber:  slice the cucumber and sprinkle with about 1 tablespoon of salt.  Leave to sit for about 1/2 hour.  The longer you leave it the more juice comes out, which is better.  After soaking the cucumber in salt, you will need to squeeze out the liquid for them.  Put into a new dish.  Season with 1 tbsp soy, 1 tbsp rice vinegar and red pepper powder.  (use a mild paprika)

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  1. Hmmm kim chi always got involved. I love korean foods too. Although I prefer thai’s.