Lavender & Bee photo-shoot

For the past few months I have mentored & coached Allison to get her website up and ready. Along with taking photographs for the website. One of the best photo shoots we did was in the sun, watching bees dart from one lavender variety to another. Capturing the bees collecting pollen on their legs to take to their hive. Nature at its finest.

You can click on the photos to take a better look at them.

What do two starving ladies have for lunch, leftover salad of course. Left over roast meals are always good to turn into another creative meal. After visiting the veggie patch and getting lettuce & herbs, the fridge was next on the list. Opening the door, to find chicken, roast veggies. A quick reheat of the veg, adding some freshly cut onion and capsicum. We topped off the salad with herbs from the garden. YUM. An easy lunch.

Allison made a dressing that was just delicious.  Below she is pouring over her creation on to the salad.

How do you use your left over roast dinners? or What do you make for a quick lunch, while working?

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  1. Lizzie the photos are beautifully captured. Also enjoyed the pic of Allison pouring the dressing on the salad. It’s a happy pic!

  2. Great pictures! Years ago we had a butterfly garden, and I have tons and tons of pictures of butterflies and caterpillars. This was back in the film days and I was shooting slides – none of the instant feedback we get with digital! But you do learn something about exposure. Really nice micro work – that’s a form of photography I love, but haven’t done for quite some time.