Learn to Grow Organic Vegetables w Gary Hands & Lizzie Moult

strayedtable-1756WHEN: Saturday 17th August

WHERE: Huthwaite Farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – ten min away from Montville. Address provided on booking.


Do you want to reduce your food bill each week and save money? It is simple. Start your own vegetable garden in your backyard with whatever space you have and benefit the reward of harvesting after only four weeks.

Join Gary Hands from Kookaburra Organics and Lizzie Moult from Strayed from the Table for a full day hands-on experience in the garden. Learning tips and tricks to grow clean and healthy vegetables and you will take home the knowledge to start your very own vegetable patch.


  • No-dig garden system
  • Mulching
  • Sowing seeds
  • Planting seedlings
  • Survival foods you can’t live with out
  • Manage climatic situation: hail, heat, rain and dry
  • Building a worm farm & compost
  • Make your own liquid fertilizer
  • Planting potatoes & garlic
  • Seasonal planting with a season strategy  for any micro-climate
  • How to grow all year round
  • Protect your garden in Queensland summers
  • Pest control

Each participant will take home a $50 value starter pack which includes seeds, fertilizer, seedlings, survival foods, moon calendar and more. strayedtable-1750


Gary Hands has been farming in the area for ten years and operates Kookaburra Organics which is an organic market garden with a home delivery service.  Gary has farmed from Queensland to Victoria and even Tasmania understanding the importance on climate in any garden and preparing it for any situation. His market garden is grown in harmony with the birds & bees and is certified organic.

Lizzie Moult is a fourth generation farmer. She has
learnt traditional natural techniques from her family strayedtable-0587who have been farming
pioneers for over a century. Lizzie owns and runs an organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.



On booking we will send you the address of the farm and what you will need to bring on the day. We will provide tea and coffee.









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  1. This looks prefect .. very keen to attend your end of August class.

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  5. Will there be another class after August? I have a wedding to attend on 17/8 otherwise I would have signed up