Leshan Giant Buddha, China

Sunday is never the best day to visit a big tourist attraction in China, but were running out of time.

So entering the sweltering heat we set off to brave the out of control weekend tourist crowds to see the enlightened one himself.

First we went for a quick walk around the head and then went for a bit of a boat ride for the classic view below.

Unfortunately the crowds prevented us from walking the circuit to the bottom, as the wait looked like something close to an hour.

The whole site is covered in temples and somehow we managed to lose each other within minutes of entering the site.

So this marks off another UNESCO world heritage site, I wonder how many we have been to now, maybe we should start a list somewhere.

The boat took ages to get going, then hung back a little so you couldn’t get a good picture unless you went to the front to get an official photo taken for a price. All the good Chinese tourists handed over their cash before the boat moved forward a little so we could all see properly.

All in all pretty damn impressive. Though I would recommend going on a week day if you can.

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