Lucky Moo Cow

Yes that’s right The Lucky Cow.  No ribs, no sausages, no dagwood dogs! I know what were we thinking eating here? After the Christmas splurge and the month of December being about barbeque’s and roasts and more eating.  All I needed was some salad that was fresh and tasty.  There is only so long you can live on packet rice and two minute noodles at  a week long festival.  Plus its Woodford Folk Festival, there is so much food on offer.

The lucky cow became my lunch time rescue after eating rice or fry-up for brekky, and having something greasy for dinner to help wash down the booze.  The salad wrap with your choice of filling. YUM, is that beetroot salad?

Beetroot at a festival.  On this particular wrap I had a spinach and feta ball which consisted of rice and then deep fried.  Accompanying salads are beetroot and yogurt, Caesar minus the bacon and tabouli, topped off with a hummus dressing.  I asked for spinach and ricotta cake instead, but got this one, totally bummbed out when i found it was the wrong one, as i had been so excited to try it.  The old trusty wrap was still good.  We ended up just buying one of the spinach and ricotta cakes to eat, as they were so delicious.  (pictured below) still just looking at it makes me want one.  Any recipes anyone.  I may have to make one up for it.

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