Midwives & Antenatal Groups : 8 Weeks to Go


When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to get as much information as possible about what was going to happen over the next 7 months. I was impatient and really wanted to know who was going to look after me until the baby is born. So I thought I would share some of the services available here on the Sunshine Coast for other expecting mums who want to know more.

After receiving my first letter to go to the hospital to meet up with the midwives I felt a little reassured. I was lucky to have a great midwife to talk to and give me my options of care for the coming seven months. This was my first official check-up, which seems like years ago now.  I was deemed as a low-risk pregnancy and means I’m a whole bunch of average. Average is a good thing, its better to have nothing wrong, though when all you get is good, yep, great and good again you kinda want to know more. Well I did, what is average what does that mean. Now eight weeks out from the due date I don’t really mind being average, bub and I are both healthy.

I was talked into joining the E & C Group (expecting and connecting group) by the hospital midwife. It’s a hospital run program in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast University. We have a hospital midwife and a uni midwife as our facilitators. The group is small ours is only eight people though we have already had one baby delivered which means we are down a mum. We are all roughly due at the same time (April). In each session we have discussions about what our body is going through, as well as labour, pain relief, breast-feeding and care once the baby is home. It’s a great way to meet other mums and talk openly about what is happening to your body. Each time I attend a group I am also getting a routine check-up and get to listen to the baby’s heart beat. I have not seen a doctor for months now.

On our road I swear we have one of everybody that lives here. My friend Jess who is a midwife suggested that I join up for the CONNECT Program as she will be attending a wedding when I am due. The connect program is where a student midwives takes on an expecting mum to give constant support & information, attend antenatal appointments and can attend the birth of your baby. I liked the idea of having one person to share my experiences with and that I will recognise when I go to the hospital to give birth. The program is run through the Sunshine Coast University and all the students are supervised by a qualified midwife. For more info or to sign up ring – 0409 598 763.

My beautiful Student Midwife is Lauren, she has made me more relaxed about giving birth. Over the coming weeks we are going to go over our birth plan. This will help her understand our wants and needs during birthing. She will also be able to offer advice and help get more information to us if we need during our time at the hospital. Very luck to have her, plus she is a total foodie. WIN WIN


There are also several midwives clinics on the coast run by Nambour Hospital and plenty of privately run clinics. You can also just stay with your GP for your care and check-ups though you may want to meet other expecting mums. Also another thing you may want to consider is a private midwife for your care during pregnancy. A private midwife will be with you the whole way through your pregnancy, during birth and help with after care of your baby. Each one is different and finding one that suits you is important.

Next week Roy and I are also attending an active birthing workshop as we have decided to do Hypnobirthing. The workshop is only a short course which is run by Carrie at JoyMumma. The goal for us is to both gain a little more information about breathing techniques, working as a team and for Roy to learn some massage skills. All this will be helpful when it comes time to birth the baby.

Had to squeeze the next picture in. Big thanks to Dawn down the road who has made me some incredibly cute cardigans for when bub gets bigger and to get through the winter. She popped down while I was going for my weekly workout at TimberGym. Bub is going to be incredibly spoilt, you may have seen the photo of the baby blanket Dawn also made for us.



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  1. Oh lizzie! What a beautiful thing to say! I’m so grateful to be supporting you through this time. It’s magical & I truly thank you for sharing that with me 🙂

  2. Wow! Looks like I’ve missed some exciting news in my six months absence from the blogging world! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sounds like you are well prepared and have a lot of support around you. All the best for the final stretch 🙂