Nambour Chicken Show


Surely by now most of you know by now that I love chickens. Yesterday Roy, Isla and I went off to the 30th Annual Nambour Poultry show. I wanted to see what the competition would be if I was to enter some of my birds next year. Looks like I could have a chance. The Sunshine Coast Rural Show is on in June so maybe that will be my opportunity to show a couple of my girls. Not sure I could get Berk our rooster cleaned up for a show but he is really a pretty bird.


The next breed of chickens I hope to introduce to our flock are the white laced wyandottes. The lady below is similar to what i am after however I really like the markings of the guy above. Oh, chickens. Hopefully next year we will get some, for now I am concentrating on breeding my English Sussex.



I saw this guy and instantly thought of a 70’s couch, his markings and his fluffiness got me. Unfortunately I am not so keen on getting one of these for our place. Way too small, free ranging in our paddocks would be a competitive adrenaline sport. They would be running away from hawks and other over sized creatures like goanna, wild dogs and well our huge rooster.

Maybe next year my chooks will be winning some prizes here.

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