Nelson & Monette Mellon, Seedling Raisers


 Monette & Nelson Mellon

Moving to Queensland from Melbourne in search of a warmer climate Nelson and Monette Mellon changed careers to live a better life. Just outside of Nambour living on a one acre block they grow vegetable and herb seedlings to sell to their wholesale customers and for their markets stalls on the weekends. It is amazing how this couple use their land to produce their own vegetables and run a business.


Originally they are from Seychelles Island which is a tiny island off the east coast of Africa and above Madagascar. Both love food from their homeland and in their yard they have a thriving vegetable patch of exotic vegetables and edible plants. Nelson tells me that they are strong believers of making food from the earth and that it is important to eat both vegetables that grow above ground (leafy greens)  and those that live below ground ( tubers, potatoes and carrots).


 Above and below seedlings ready for sale.



Nelson overseeing and Monette collecting seedlings for a contract job I have.


 The first week of the seedling raising process

Nelson has finally worked out his method of growing seedlings and they are the healthiest I have seen on the coast. Starting in the first shade house the seed are planted into large trays and set with a sprinkler system. They stay here for a week while Nelson observes them daily and nurtures them when need be. Once they have reached the desired height they are moved on to the second shade house which has more sunlight and again a sprinkler system. Week three the seedlings are moved out from the shade house to get sun hardened before they are ready to sell.

Making your seedlings sun hard is one of the most vital part of raising seedlings. This ensures the buyer who takes them home and then plants them in to their gardens that they will endure the sun when planted. Seedlings that are not sun hardened usually don’t last more than a few days in your veggie patch.


Week 2 of the seed raising process.


Mammoth bok choi in the veggie patch.

For wholesale orders and bulk purchases you can contact them directly on (07) 5476 0206

or you can find them at the following weekend Markets

SATURDAY: Yandina Plant Market, 6am – Midday, North street, YANDINA

: Suncoast Christian College Farmers Market 6.30am -Midday, Cnr Schubert & Kiel Mtn Rds, WOOMBYE

SUNDAY: Gympie Markets, alternates fortnightly, 6am – Midday, Gympie Duckpond 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend – 215 Brisbane Rd and Gympie Southside School 2nd and 4th weekend – Exhibition Rd.

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  1. Interesting info! Particularly the part about the importance of making sure the seedlings are sun hardy. That’s something I had heard about but really hadn’t thought about. It makes total sense. Fun post – thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing this wealth of information! You do know I’m jealous of your own garden, right? 😀

  3. You cannot imagine how much I wish I had a big enough garden to get every seedling they have there. That bak choi is so plump!