Nothing Worse than Sick Kids


It may of seemed we vanished off the face of the earth for a moment. Instead we were combating a nasty virus which we all seemed to get but in various forms. I think this was the worst bout of sickness yet with Isla. I know it is building up her immune system which is great but the heart strings were pulled many times.

Hopefully getting some new posts on the way for you today.

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  1. Oh that sounds awful! Hope you are all better soon especially the little one. We were so sick all of August and we live in such a cold climate. Glad Spring is here and the last of the nasty illnesses will disappear. Things will get better and you’ll be back to normal soon:)

  2. That’s not good to hear….it will make you slow down for a little bit as well as you’ve had a huge move and I’m so pleased to hear you are thriving in your new environment with family and friends…what a great move for your family and having your hubby home as well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane