Our New Herb Garden, Huthwaite Farm

What a man! Roy is currently waiting on his work visa for PNG, with the spare time up his sleeve we have both been getting in some needed gardening. Building our veggie patch, planting seeds and our very own herb garden. The only depressing part about gardening is waiting for rain. For us we only have 1 foot of water left in our tank. We are hoping for rain, it was supposed to come last week and it didn’t. It managed to sort out Brisbane but not us. The 200 trees we planted are in desperate need of some water, the survivors from the past few weeks are just now starting to droop from hot dry windy days. Living sparingly with our tank water, we are hoping soon, the rain will come.

Last week we built our herb garden up next to our humble shed (home) so I could run out and grab a few bits for cooking. Behind Roy’s foot is a big rock that was not going to move. Working with what we have, my man stepped on to his shiny orange tractor down the paddock to gather more rocks to form borders. I arranged them after they fell from the bucket, joining the big ones with more manageable sized ones – the ones that I could lift.

We had decided on having two beds in the herb garden, keeping the water hungry herbs together like basil and parsley. The less dependent Mediterranean herbs like thyme and sage could hang out on the other side.

After the rocks had been arranged the soil was broken slightly. For some reason the soil surrounding the shed is the toughest clay I have ever seen. It stays in big chunks as hard as rocks. We covered the soil with a little potting mix where the herbs were to be planted, giving them the best chance to spread their roots for fast growth. I am impatient; waiting for parsley is hard work. Now that I have some in the ground I have already gone into the can’t buy that mode, as I have it home already.  The herbs were tucked into the potting mix, and then covered with our own home-made mulch. We have an excess of elephant grass, as we cut it down we rake it up ready for use. Covering the soil and hugging the herbs it will keep the soil moist, when I do water the herbs. Stopping the soil from drying out and cracking like the rest of our paddock.  I am seriously surprised what a month of no rain can do to the ground. We still have green grass compared to most places; our secret underwater rivers keep the grass happy.

What did we plant you ask? In the top bed for lots of water we have curly leaf parsley, Italian flat leaf parsley and sweet basil. I would like to find a sturdy Greek basil bush that never dies to add to the bed. The other side is the dry side of the garden housing sage, thyme and oregano.

At the moment we are looking for tarragon to add to the garden, not sure where to find it though. If anyone on the Sunny Coast can help with a great veggie nursery please let us know.

What are your favourite herbs? Which ones do you use the most? How much do you spend on herbs a week?

Personally I love parsley; I would easily go through $3 of the stuff a week. Now I have made the one-time investment to have it in my garden all the time. For the same price of buying it at the grocer I could buy seedlings. Ridiculous.

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  1. Wonderful! I wish I had a herb garden…



  2. We’re in a cooler climate and find that growing parsley in pots is better than in the ground – we have 4-5 pots on the go at any time. Can’t do without it! Coriander is the other favourite herb for us – many nights we collect a handful to add to the meal. Its gone wild in the garden – a bonus for sure.

  3. You’ve inspired me Liz. I really must start a herb garden. I seem to be buying herbs everyday and I’m wasting so much money. I paid $4.00 for a bunch of basil yesterday. Ridiculous. I do hope you get some rain soon. I can’t believe it’s been dry for you. It’s been so wet all up and down the Eastern seaboard. We’ve had so much rain our house is full of mould. xx

    • Wow I thought $3 was expensive, $4 for a bunch of basil is just crazy. Get building, herb gardens are easy to maintain, as you visit them frequently so you feel obligated to water them.

  4. Lizzie, I wish it was summer all over again here in US. Instead, fall is upon us. SO jealous of your herb garden! Good luck with it 🙂