Our New House


It’s been just over a week now and there are still a few boxes left that need unpacking and a few more things to buy to furnish the place. I have hung out on Gumtree this week to find a change table for Isla, bar stools for the kitchen and lastly an office desk for me.

As we have so much space now Isla is in her own room. I wanted to set up her space to function well, leaving as much floor space to throw toys around. Her clothes have gone in her own cupboard, toys in baskets on shelves and lastly a change table to store nappies and other baby bits.

After using the washing machine for all this time to change nappies I didn’t want to have to bend over each time to change a nappy on the couch, floor or bed. So I went in search for a change table to add to Isla’s room. I found one just outside of Byron for a bargain price of $15 – love Gumtree. The next day we went and picked it up and now my back is thanking me.

We have used Gumtree loads of times. We sold all of our belongings and furniture before we got married so we could jet off and explore the world. When we came back we bought some new furniture for the farm, which some of it is still with us today.  These days most of my purchases are for Isla. I bought her Bumbo $25 ($50 retail), pram $20 ($300 retail) and now her change table $15 ($40). Huge savings all round.
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You know I never actually saw the house until we moved in apart from a few photos. When Isla and I arrived I could not believe how lucky I was. My hubby got me a place with a fabulous kitchen with a pantry, four burner stove and an oven. It also has a dishwasher which I am still learning how to use. Other things I wanted in our new home was to have our own bedroom so we could both go back to reading in bed at night. Something we have missed since Isla was born. The last thing on my checklist was a bathtub for Isla. We have a little fish on our hands she loves to play in water and I wanted her to have her own bath time. This means I get showers by myself again – hooray.

So what do you think of our new place?

DISCLAIMER: This post was in partnership with Gumtree Australia. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow… smart husband… the kitchen is gorgeous!! 🙂 I am so happy for you that when you got there it was better than you expected! It looks like a gorgeous place… and did I mention I really like your kitchen?! 🙂 I hope you settle in nice and quickly… P.s… love the Gumtree bargin hunting!! 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful Lizzie! Congratulations, hope all is well? Can’t believe how much Isla has grown

    • She is huge and so grown up. A little lady at times but still a farm girl in her heart, outside is where it is at. Loving the new house, thanks Lauren.

  3. Wow, it all looks great and having a bedroom for Isla to sleep and play in will be great and the veggie gardens as well are a bonus. You deserve a kitchen fit to cook in however in saying that judging from all the yummy things you made at the farm kitchen you could cook anywhere but you’ll enjoy all the space in your new place. You will get to know your dishwasher in no time. You can buy the cheaper dish washing tablets from Aldi but I buy them even cheaper from Woollies home brand (not select) but the old black & white brand. It’s in a box either at the top of e shelves or the bottom about $5 a box of 30 (I think from memory). Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. The new house looks amazing hope you are settling in nicely.

  5. It looks wonderful. It must be wonderful to have a bedroom to yourselves again.

    • I love having my own space and to read in bed again is just awesome. I also live across the road from the local library so I have loads of books to choose from.

  6. Your new house looks great, before you know it, it will be your home.

  7. Oh I love that kitchen.

  8. Your new place is gorgeous! What a terrific looking kitchen. I’ll bet you’ll be really happy there — congrats!

  9. Hey Lizzie – the new house looks wonderful. Love the bathroom and kitchen … And how big has Isla got?

  10. your new house is wonderful i like the bedroom most ,the environment is nice congratulations for your new house…