Pearl at Woolloongabba

This place was recommended to me for a visit.

Saturday morning which was really 1pm was time for breakfast.  I needed to eat at this place.  Not realising that now Woolloongabba has gone all fancy with their antique shops and snooty cafes and violin shops.  It was nice to see when only 12 months ago going there and it was the same old run down place.  Refreshed at the thought of a new breakfast place after the Gunshop disaster, Pearl was on the horizon.  Waltzing in at 1pm on a Saturday was not a winner, the lady who greeted us at the door with her attitude about did we book.  Which no we had not of course, how was I supposed to know that I needed to book a table?  Got told it would take a very long time to seat 2 people.  I wanted to ask just how long but she was gone.  Poor us got left cold and hungry in new territory.  We ended up eating a Kim Thanh pie in west end, not so happy.  But that was Saturday

Sunday (today)  we got up and I rang ahead to book a table of 4 as Roy’s sister Lily and Luke were going to come along for this food expedition.   As I spoke to the lady on the phone who was much more pleasant than the one I spoke to the day previous.  She told me that there was no need to book on the weekends.   So I was left confused but glad I spoke to a real person who was willing to help.  We arrived half and hour later and we got a table no problems.  Glad to know that we had a table and did not have to wait was nice.  But the place is busy and noisy inside.  Not good for a hangover on a Sunday morning.  The boys did not love it at all.

Our waiter a young hairy man with a bit of charisma looked after us for the morning.  He was happy and willing to help us with our breakfast choices.   I like the fact that he warned us that the menu is not changeable, I think that is cool.  Not having to stuff around with I want this and I don’t want that.  But I want it like this ect.  It’s bullshit.  Choose something and go with it.  If you don’t like it find somewhere else to eat.

After spying off the food yesterday both Roy and I had some sort of clue as to what we were going to eat.  Unfortunately Lily is a Vegetarian and the food choices are on the slim side.  She still got a good breaky.  So what did we eat:

I had one of the breakfast specials.  Pastrami and potato hash with a fried egg on top with a side of tomato chutney and a piece of bread.  It was not too bad  I thought I was getting Pancetta, it was simple but the price tag attached to it $18 was not cool.  For some left over potatoes and pastrami fried up with a fried egg on top.  For special like this $12-14 maybe.  I did enjoy it but next time I will be getting the pork belly and beans.

Roy had the Fish Finger sandwich.  It looked great, we did not figure out what the fish was, but it was pink.  It didn’t taste too fishy either.  The bread was so white and fluffy.  Roy loved it

Lily had the Ricotta and Tomato toast.  I was shocked at the amount of ricotta that came out.  For $9 it was not too badly priced.  It was really yummy on a wholemeal seedy bread.

Roy also had a Virgin Mary with all kinds of stuff in it – horseradish, whole tomatoes, lemon, orange, tabasco and worcestershire sauce.  In the background you can see what Luke is eating a boiled egg with soldiers and dried trout.  Which we all decided we would eat more of.

The really cool thing I liked about the tables was the antique looking sugar bowl and that there was Olive Oil on the table.  Good olive oil.

I think it is time we upgraded our digital camera for outings like this to take better photos for our blog.  I feel my SLR is a little bit in your face for fancy places.  So the photos are not so crash hot.

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