Pork Pie Quest

When i was 9 years old i remember going on a picnic with my relatives from Nottingham to Derbyshire. In the hamper contense was this amazing pie of the like i had never seen. It was salty, gelatinous and despite it being everything a 9-year-old should hate, I loved it.

Many years later i find that around the area my british relative come from is where the best pork pies in the world come from, and people travel far to sample them.

From that day forth i have loved the salty nastiness that is a good pork pie. But… where the hell can you get a good one in australia? The ones i buy from the Coles deli are not bad. But they don’t take me back to my youth.

You know what i mean. When you put some food in you mouth and it transports you to a certain place in your past. I have had it happen many time, most recently by Thai noodle soup that took me back to when i was 10 (same trip) in Thailand.

Unfortunatly i have not been able to do this with the pork pie (or herring Rollmop either (but that may be impossible so far from the cold Atlantic water)). But i try. Coles (the supermarket chain) pork pies don’t come close, but i will try and try again.

Tasmania reminded me at times of Derbyshire. Cold, green and windswept. But did their pork pies?

I tried two version whilst down there. Three sisters (i will try find a photo) and the one below.

This was from the Salamanca markets and i had high hopes. I got a small one and a large one even though they were supposed to be the same. Lucky i did, because the large one, pictured, was heaps better.

If i could get them here i would buy them… occasionally.

The meat was grey, the jelly was thin, and as much as i wished it this pie was not taking me anywhere.

Oh well the search continues….

Does anybody know where i can get a good pork pie in Australia? Help me please.

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  1. If you find out let me know. I didn’t even know you could get them at coles! I’ve never seen them on the deli of my local coles šŸ™

  2. wursthaus are now doing great 500g pork pies, (the proper type), you can get them at our factory in cambridge.

  3. Wensley’s aren’t bad at all (although I speak from experience when I say their “Cornish” pasties are best avoided by Cornishmen – they use puff pastry!); you can get them at Village Meats in Rosalie, Chumley Warner’s and a few other places around Brisbane.