San Francisco Arrival

Ive been in San Francisco for a few days and have soaked up a little of what the city has to offer in terms of food and culture. My jet lag is killing me still. I still want to go to bed at about 6 in the afternoon, but force myself to stay up. Then i awake at 5am and cannot get back to sleep. Oh well.After i awoke stupidly early on my first morning here i took a walk up to the top of the hill all the way to Lafeytte Park. On the way down i ended up walking through the district knowen as Little Saigon. So for breakfast i treated myself to a Banh Mi from Bagutte Express. It was awsomely good. Very similar to what i got for luch often in Brisbane, but better. I got the grilled pork version. The items that pulled it abouve the sandwiches i had tried before was the hot meat with crunchy pig skin. Vietnamese sandwiches seem pretty popular around here. Maybe i can get another one into me before i leave.
Later as i was wandering i picked up a hot dog from Fatt Dog. It was pretty good. Better than hotdogs in australia, but that isnt too hard.
After that i walked out to Mission to catch up with a Mr Ian. After a few brews we went and grabbed some Mexican (Mission is a very Mexican suburb) at El Matate
I grabbed a couple of tacos. Ian grabbed a seafood platter while Pumkin and Sarah got burritos. They tell me the first thing people want when they get back home is a burrito from here.

Mmm, cant seem to spell check. By the way i am in mexico writing this. Couldnt find anything but Macs in San Francisco.

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