Session One: Tree Planting, Huthwaite Farm

Huthwaite Farm was christened last weekend with tree planting, laughs, a toasty fire and a few cold beverages.

For the past week Roy and I have cleared along part of our southern fence line. In search for our property boundaries as we work slowly. Our trusty tractor came in a little handy for some of the clearing. Though the hill is steep, slippery with elephant grass and many rocks sticking out of the ground, it makes hard work for the tractor. Roy used the brushcutter (wipper-snipper) to clear where the tractor could not go. I have helped move rocks to build walls and pegging out the where the trees should go.

This week I learnt how to use the brushcutter. Since I have always been scared of them, they make a horrid noise, they look dangerous and cut everything. I have to admit that now I am addicted to using it. The war between me and the cobblers pegs (farmers friends) is just beginning, it is the best way to teach them a lesson. Me running around the paddock with hawk eyes looking for yellow flowers about to burst. NOT ON MY WATCH, I chop down the cobblers pegs before the flowers are opening, hopefully preventing more seeds falling to the ground. The seeds that have previously escaped seemed to have ended up on my clothes, while I walk through the paddock. Which then takes a long time to pull them out, cobblers pegs do not just wash out, I have tried.

ABOVE: Roy making his pawpaw salad.

BELOW: Hugo planting a tree.

ABOVE: Verena & Joey walking down the hill, with supplies.

BELOW: Larry, Simon & Bo. Digging rocks, talking and supervising.

ABOVE: Eric & Jefte in the bucket, off to collect firewood with Roy.

Saturday the extra helping hands came along for the working bee. Armed with shovels, gardening gloves and beer. We were able to plant out 200 trees in one day. With many hands it makes light work – I love that saying, because it is true.

Over the next few years these tree’s will grow and help stabilise the hill-side to prevent any land slips. Once they are big enough it is one more spot we won’t have to mow. I will be rummaging through the forest in years to come to collect Davidson plums for jam. With all the natives, they are to encourage more birds, butterflies and edible fruits for us humans, to concoct preserves.

Big thank-yous to : Ally, Benjie, Hugo, Sita, Bo, Tulsi, Nryan, Joey, Jefte, Annaliese, Maliki, Eric, Larry, Verena, Simon, Gemma, Ronin, Rufus, Amy, Tristan & Oscar. Thanks to Harry & Marg for coming up with the idea to plant out the gully, along with plant choices. Thanks to Pats for helping us out with tube stock and recycled tree guards from Burringbar Rainforest Nursery.

A few pictures below, click on one to view them.

Gemma also took a few other snaps of the fire – take a look.

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  1. What a “green” and a very honorable effort 🙂

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