Shaz & Shane Scarecrow


My sister Amy came to visit over the weekend and being super creative she was the perfect person to help make scarecrows. After the last few weeks watching the crows and finding out you can’t kill them as they are protected. Grrrr. The only option I had left was to make scarecrows to keep them out of my tomatoes and strawberries. It can be really heart breaking when you walk to the garden and find 6 half pecked at red tomatoes on the ground.

So during the week I gathered some clothes, hats,pillows for faces, string, hessian sacks and recycled the old chicken roost which was made of bamboo for the frames. Cable ties also came in handy too. Amy decided on working on Shane while I worked on Shaz. With big googly eyes on both so far the scarecrows are working. I have not spotted a crow yet in my veggie patch. The funny thing is I haven’t seem them hanging around so much even near the chook pen which is an added bonus, no free food for them.

We may have to move the scarecrows around to keep the birds on guard but at this point the flappy material and the poorly adjusted hat (which I did) moves in the wind. That will keep things looking real. I am keeping this post short today as there is talk of RAIN – I know.  So I have to get all my seedlings in the garden, mulched in the next couple of days, it’s a huge task. I have Roy looking after Isla and when she is a sleep he gives me a hand. I want the best for my summer and spring veg so a nice watering in will be perfect. Well as long as the rain does come that is. Fingers crossed. I will have an update of our new veggie patch too by next week as it should be completed by then with a little luck.

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  1. I LOVE your scarecrows. I hope that they keep working to keep the crows away and that you get that rain.

  2. Great scarecrow! It’d scare me. 😉 I need something like this to scare the squirrels away from our tomatoes, but I think they’re fearless. :-(

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