Sunday in Photos

strayedtable-6263 strayedtable-6270 strayedtable-6289 strayedtable-6296Sometimes it is important to just look around yourself and see things that are there all the time. See them in a different light. Each morning we have beautiful sunlight come in our humble shed and I thought I would share a few things that seem to be giving me comfort. Isla has discovered music and bashing anything which makes a sound makes her happy like the xylophone. The last ever seedlings I will plant here on the farm, they are now in the ground.  Our multicoloured cutlery draw thank you Isla for bringing in so much colour to our lives physically and mentally. Ah my new slippers, I love them, comfy and warm and only $15 from Coles.

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One Comment

  1. Great having the everyday photos to remind you of your morning light. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane